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Fitness Training

Training with more power and endurance

Why is the right equipment so important for your fitness training?

You want to push your fitness training to the limit and always achieve your best performance. You attach particular importance to variety and constantly adapt your training cycles. Your equipment needs to be well coordinated for this. You need exceptionally well-trained endurance, strong muscles and the right equipment to withstand repeated heavy loads.

Supports will help you perform better targeted movements. One of the most important features is the relief of the joints. Supports will stabilise them. You can control your strength better and distribute it optimally. Your posture and body awareness will improve.

This prevents overloading and allows you to train for longer without discomfort! Bauerfeind Sports Support Line protects your joints and muscles. They help you avoid signs of fatigue and breaks. You increase your performance and recover faster. So you can achieve your goals!

Our top products for more power during fitness training

How can Bauerfeind help you?

The Bauerfeind Sports Line specifically prevents overuse injuries during fitness training. The sports supports help support your body during every exercise session and help to prevent incorrectly executed movements. The supports from the Bauerfeind Sports Line also help you, especially during frequent changes of tempo or heavy load peaks. You can train your muscles holistically and get the best performance without discomfort. In general, your movement control is greatly improved. The force is optimally distributed to the joints through light compression. At the same time, your ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue are massaged directly during fitness training thanks to the integrated pads. The sensorimotor perception of your joints will increase.

To summarise: more power for your fitness with the Bauerfeind Sports Line! Maximum success is guaranteed!

1. The knee: improve movement control with Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

Your joints want more power too! Whether you're doing squats or challenging full-body exercises such as the burpee, your knees are always under a lot of strain when you perform them.

To keep your fitness training pain-free for longer and strengthen your muscles, the supports in the Bauerfeind Sports Support Line improve movement control at the knees. You immediately feel how the light compression optimally distributes the force in the joints. At the same time, the robust support with its integrated pads massages the ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue. This in turn increases the sensorimotor perception of the joint and gives you better feedback.

Improved movement control is guaranteed and your joints are optimally protected during training. Overuse pain subsides more quickly and the risk of injury is minimised - in other words: more power for your fitness!

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2. The back: Support the centre of the body with Bauerfeind Sports Back Support

To get the best out of yourself, even with an increase in training cycles, you need strength, body control, flexibility and stability in the centre of your body. The sports products in the Sports Support Line provide effective support during your workout.

The sports support for your back activates the stabilising core muscles, positively promotes muscle activation and improves your posture. In addition, the integrated nubs stimulate your muscles and fascia with every movement. This improves your overall body awareness.

Thanks to the anatomical fit and lightweight knitted fabric, the sports bandages are just as flexible as your daily fitness workout requires. They fit like a second skin. Products from the Sports Support Line reduce the risk of injury and increase your physical fitness - for varied training without discomfort!

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3. The wrists: more strength and longer endurance for strong training goals

You can boost your strength and fitness training with even more power. To do this, your body needs to be fit from head to toe, which includes your wrists. They play an active role in your training success and must function without pain.

Wrong joint positions, insufficiently trained muscles and overloading often lead to wrist pain during various workouts. This is particularly the case during peak loads. It is therefore important to stabilise and support the wrists.

The Sports Wrist Strap guarantees appropriate stabilisation, especially during fitness exercises with weights. The relief can be individually adapted to the various fitness exercise situations. You can fully focus on your training!

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4. The ankle joints: more stability and power for the lower body region

Holistic fitness training only works with a secure stance and optimum protection against twisting your ankle. Especially during intensive strength training, one unfortunate movement is enough to give you an unwanted forced break.

The risk of ligament injuries, e.g. from twisting your ankle, increases, especially when your strength decreases at the end of a strenuous training session. A reliable and flexible ankle support is therefore essential.

With the Sports Ankle Support, your ankles are reliably protected without restricting your freedom of movement. The sports support stimulates your ligaments and allows improved depth perception, especially during jumps and balance exercises.

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