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Jump, Throw, Score: How you become a handball champion

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Maximum jump power

Maximum flexibility

Dribbling, passing, throwing – handball is said to be one of the most dynamic sports for a good reason. When you are on the court giving everything for your team and the adrenaline is flooding your veins, you are demanding a maximum from your body. The special throwing techniques in handball are very unusual movements, which put a lot of strain on your ankles. Ligament strains or ruptures, therefore, often come together with a sprained or twisted ankle. The problem is: once you have overexpanded or ruptured a ligament, there is a much higher risk of another injury in the future – which then can lead to a chronic instability of the ligaments. In order to prevent these kinds of injuries, a good general condition and regular strength training are not the only things that will pay off.

Stable ankles during handball thanks to sports supports

With the Sports Ankle Support you stabilise your joints. The strong brace protects you from twisting your ankle on the handball court. The integrated taping strap also prevents lateral twisting. In addition, the medical sports support triggers blood circulation which prevents fatigue in the feet muscles. You are able to perform quicker and for longer and play with increased power! Thanks to its durable and breathable material the Sports Ankle Support is very comfortable to wear and you will hardly feel that it is there. Optimised climate control prevents sweating, heat build-up, and skin irritations. By individually adjusting the ankle support, it adapts to every foot shape and size. With the help of the Sports Ankle Support you will become the high-flyer on the court.

Taping Technology

Taping Technology
The adjustable flat belt provides targeted support and flexibility to ensure effective stabilisation and reduce the risk of injury, especially during sudden movements and jumps.

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up.

Avoiding knee issues

Avoiding overexpansion

Handball is a sport for your whole body, demanding a lot from your upper body and torso. To achieve a maximum of jump power, flexibility, and dynamics in passing, blocking, and at free throws healthy knees are a key feature. To maintain joy in handball you should give your knees some special protection. Many professional handball players are “on tour” with protectors and supports because the human knee is regarded to be the most complex of all the body’s joints. The high amount of knocks and the many jumps throughout a match, therefore, often lead to strains and ruptures of the knee joint ligaments. Spraining or twisting the knee are not rare either. Frequent knee injuries often result in unstable ligaments at handball. For this reason, an elaborated warm-up before the game specific agile movements is a must. You also should not leave your knees unprotected during the match.

Sports supports and compression against ligament strains and knee problems

With the Sports Knee Support you get the perfect knee brace for your handball training and the next match. The light-weight and comfortable support effectively prevents overload and wrong movements and perfectly supports your knee – even at the highest jump throw. Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile and prevents heat build-up. Your kneecap is precisely embedded and the brace allows for a maximum of freedom of movement at the same time. Quite the contrary: it fits like a second skin. Hence, you benefit from more stability at every move.

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up.

Omega Pad Technology

Omega Pad
Precise embedding and guiding of your kneecap through an integrated, innovative elasticated pad ensuring optimal distribution of power through the knee joint.

Grip Technology
Integrated, skin-friendly silicone band on the upper edging for secure fit and precision with every movement.

Stabilising the throwing arm

Improve joint coordination

Hard throws and catching fast balls play an essential part in handball. In order for your elbow joint to bear all these movements, you have to avoid overload. That is not always possible when you are on court – especially fast passes and rapid shots put a lot of strain on the joint capsule of your throwing arm. Sports supports perceivably reduce the strain on your elbow joint in order to help the upper arm bone, the radius, and the ulna to play together just as your team does.

Perfect joint coordination in the elbow thanks to sports supports

Sports supports are different: the Sports Elbow Support combines three effective features at once in order to perfectly lead and protect your elbow joint during a handball match. Once you have put on the brace, you will immediately perceive how a positive sensorimotor feedback stabilises your motion sequence. Your humeroradial joint is completely embedded and supported. Even at hard throws the sports support securely remains at its place. No worries: the support will not hold you back from throwing since it is made from ultra-light compression knit. It moulds to your elbow, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up. Even during hard tackles, your arm joint is optimally protected from overexpansion through the Sports Elbow Support. That is how you give the perfect spin to your throw!

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up.

Dual Pad Technology

Dual Pad
Precise embedding and guiding of your elbow through two anatomically contoured pads on the inside and outside of the elbow. Tendons are supported and muscles are activated to reduce risk of injury.

Grip Technology
Integrated, skin-friendly silicone band on the upper edging for secure fit and precision with every movement.

Improving performance

Improve agility and fitness

Handball is a perfect combination of endurance sports and kinetics. While sprinting over the court and performing rapid turns and throws, nearly all muscles are activated which trains your body holistically. However, after a tough match there is a high risk for sore muscles, hardenings, and fatigue if you do not use the right aids. This even happens to experienced handball players because there are different motion sequences and challenges with every match. In order to improve blood circulation through your muscles and become ready for action faster premium sports products support you according to medical standards.

Improve performance and prevent sore muscles with compression products

Arms and legs are equally stressed during handball. With the Sports Compression Sleeves you support your body where it needs it most. The compression products for arms and legs help in providing your throwing arm with more power and agility and prevent your leg muscles from strains. The sleeve is easily pulled over your arm or upper or lower leg and there unfolds its effect with every turn. This not only includes a perceivable improvement in blood circulation, but also reduced muscle vibrations. Thanks to these features the products of the Sports Compression Line offer a fast recovery, even after the toughest handball match. By that you are able to start an impressive counterattack even in the last minute of the match!

Targeted compression zones technology

Targeted Compression Zones
Innovative taping and muscle building zone with zone-specific compression supports the muscles in the surrounding area. Taping zone improves proprioception - the sense of body awareness and stability.

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The handball pros from THW Kiel have been relying on Bauerfeind and Bauerfeind Sports products for years for their power on the field and quick recovery afterwards.

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