Bauerfeind Summer of Sports – Kickoff!

This summer is all about sports, and it's getting really exciting now!

Experience the thrilling world of football up close with us! The EURO 2024 is in full swing, bringing exciting matches and unforgettable moments. Dive into exclusive highlights about football with us.

Join us!

Bauerfeind Sports

We have been developing premium supports, compression textiles, and foot orthoses specifically for use during sporting activities since 2016. This sports line is part of the long-established Bauerfeind brand. This is based on our medical expertise and many years of experience in treating elite athletes. We relish a challenge and we pursue one ultimate goal: FOR YOUR PERSONAL BEST.

Bauerfeind Bestseller
Sports Compression Sleeves Lower Leg
Color: pink | Size - UK: S | Length: xlong

Sports Knee Strap
Color: black | Size - UK: L

Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg
Color: white | Size - UK: XL | Length: long

Sports Ankle Support
Color: rivera | Size - UK: XL | Side: right

Sports Knee Support
Color: black | Size - UK: L

Sports Compression Knee Support
Color: rivera | Size - UK: S

Sports Compression Sleeves Arm
Color: rivera | Size - UK: M | Length: xlong

Sports Elbow Support
Color: pink | Size - UK: XS


What body part can we help support?

Bauerfeind products are constructed for perfect, anatomical fit and comfort - for each area of your body.

Do you already know our newest products?

Outdoor Knee Support
Color: sandstone | Size - UK: XS

Outdoor Ankle Support
Color: sandstone | Size - UK: XS

Ski Touring Compression Socks
Gender: men | Color: blue | Size - UK: 5 - 7.5 | Circumference: S

Sports Flex Beanie
Color: black

Current topics

Race around the Netherlands

Martin and Christian are two long-time friends who have already conquered several adventures together on their bikes. Two years ago, they stood at the starting line of the Race around the Netherlands for the first time. In their first attempt, they had to abandon the race due to a swollen Achilles tendon. Find out in this experience report how they prepared and whether they crossed the finish line in 2024.

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Gym Equipment

As an athlete, you want to push your boundaries and always give your best during training. By doing so, you put special emphasis on diversity and are constantly adjusting your training cycle. Your equipment has to be able to adjust and adapt perfectly to this. To remain strong at repeated, heavy loads, you need exceedingly well-trained stamina, strong muscles, and the proper gym equipment.
Braces and supports assist in the execution of targeted movements, and one of the key features of these fitness products is the relief of the joints that are being stabilised. With sports braces and supports, you can control your power better, preventing overload and increasing a pain-free range-of-motion! As a result, your posture and body awareness will improve. With the Bauerfeind Sports supports you protect your joints and muscles, avoiding fatigue and the need for breaks.

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Knee pain from running

Running is your life. Even rain and icy winds can’t stop you from going outside and giving it your all. But at some point, it happens: suddenly your knee hurts. Whether the pain occurs during the run or after – listen to your body and find out what is causing the pain. What happens in your knee?

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