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Tennis professionals, amateurs and fans worldwide can hardly wait for the start of summer. Most of the world's most important tournaments take place from May to September and inspire millions of people around the globe. Not only professionals, but also amateurs and ambitious recreational players have to be in top form to triumph at one of the numerous tournaments on clay or hard court. For most players, the summer decides whether it will be a good or bad tennis year.

Your aces for victory: Fitness and the right tennis equipment

To win, you need talent, the right tennis equipment, but also a lot of physical and mental strength. If you have to play up to six tough matches in just two weeks, such as at the major tournaments in Paris, London or New York, as well as the smaller tournaments in your region, good muscle recovery and avoiding injuries are essential.

Bauerfeind Sports has set itself the task of helping tennis players, whether professionals or amateurs, to fulfil their big dream: to raise the winning trophy after nerve-wracking rallies. Game, set and match with Bauerfeind Sports tennis equipment!

Stabilise your forearm and avoid tennis elbow

Hundreds of rallies, serves and topspins - the strain during a tournament is immense. You need effective protection to prevent one of the most common tennis injuries - tennis elbow - not only during tennis training, but also during competitions. Over 50% of all players suffer from it at least occasionally. According to studies, slightly older players over the age of 40 and those who train for more than three hours a week are particularly at risk..

The - so called - Tennisarm is caused by overloading the forearm muscles. The Sports Elbow Strap helps to combat precisely this form of overuse. With its five-point pad, it relieves the elbow and also the forearm muscles through targeted pressure. Thanks to the Boa® fastening system, you can adjust the brace with millimetre precision and open and close it with ease. Its optimum fit guarantees that you won't be disturbed when you hit your next ace.

Optimum protection for wrists, ankles and knees

But it's not just the elbows that are exposed to enormous forces; as with all impact sports, the wrists in particular have to withstand a lot. With the Sports Wrist Strap, we give your wrists reliable protection that can be perfectly customised to your needs. Thanks to the elasticated, high-quality fastening, you can apply exactly the pressure you want with our wrist strap - and hit powerful aces and winners.

Of course you know that strong and precise strokes alone are not enough to win a tennis match. It is practically just as important to be "good on your feet". Explosive kicks for attacks at the net or running into stop balls and constant quick changes of direction require special protection for your knees and ankles. The Sports Knee Support reduces peak loads and has a positive effect on your sensorimotor function thanks to the integrated pad. The Sports Ankle Support offers you reliable protection against twisting your ankle and thus prevents serious ligament injuries.

We give our all so that your muscles can give their all

If you want to be one step ahead in the decisive set, you need to be able to rely on the power and energy reserves of your muscles. Our Sports Compression Line products can be of great help here. Targeted pressure on the calves, thighs and arms improves the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles - and you can put that crucial extra percentage on the court.

Bauerfeind Sports: Tennis training with that special something

The Omega Pad of Sports Knee Support as a 3D representation

Innovative pad massages and stimulates muscles and fasciae

Our sports products think ahead. They effectively support the arms, back, ankles and knees with maximum movement control. The sewn-in pad absorbs load peaks, relieves the joint and optimally distributes the forces in the joints. Complex sports such as tennis in particular require a special degree of relief. The pads massage the ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue with every movement, which leads to an improvement in sensorimotor function. This effectively counteracts the risk of injury and reduces pain caused by overuse more quickly.

Compression knit according to medical standards

The highly elastic microfibre that we use for the products in the Sports Compression Line enables controlled compression in accordance with medical standards. This compression promotes blood circulation and accelerates oxygen transport in the muscles. Your muscles warm up faster before training, fatigue more slowly and regenerate better before the next match. You can use this extra energy for victories, while the function of the Sports Compression Sleeves also protects you from muscle injuries.

Medical compression as a 3D representation

Bauerfeind Sports products for your successful tennis sommer