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Stabilising the ankle

Joint protection for volleyball players

Vigorous blocking near the net, a fast attacking shot, or precise passing: when you are playing volleyball, your ankles are involved in every single move. The ankles carry your entire body weight, and they act as shock absorbers when you are landing after an attacking stroke or a blocking attempt. The ankle also stabilizes your foot and protect it against sprains when you are running short distances or during quick changes of direction. High speeds over short distances, frequent jumps and landings may lead to forces that correspond to several times your body weight. This is why sprains and torn ligaments in the area of the ankle are among the most common injuries during volleyball. There are even cases of tendonitis and fatigue fractures.

Sports supports for improved stability and safer jumps in volleyball

Be well-equipped for your next match with sports supports from the Bauerfeind Sports Supports Line. Their mild pressure provides for improved movement control for your ankles, and for relief when landing or during quick changes of direction. The risk of injuries is therefore reduced, and thanks to improved circulation, you will stay fit to perform for longer. It is especially in long matches and tournaments that the effect becomes very noticeable. Optimize your start-up rhythm with the Sports Ankle Support!

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up.

Taping Technology

Taping Technology
Adjustable, flat looped strap provides targeted support and flexibilty to ensure effective stabilisation, reducing risk of injury especially for start-stop situations and intense jumps.

Stabilising the knee joint

Strengthening the knee area

Extremely strong acceleration, short stops and the great number of jumps are an acute burden on your knees throughout the entire volleyball match. Repeated bending of your knees for digging motions also requires strength and stamina from your knee joints. On top of all this, there is hard floor contact when playing indoor matches. Excessive strain in the knees is very common in volleyball players as a result. This may lead to inflammation and lengthy knee problems, as well as meniscus damage or patella tip syndrome. Surveys have found that 92 per cent of knee injuries occur during landings in the defence area. This is why it is essential to protect the knee joint.

Strong knee joints and safe moves thanks to sports supports

The Sports Knee Support has a number of benefits: the sports support protects your knee from hard floor contact, and it stabilizes and relieves the knee joint during acute strain. Targeted compression improves movement control in the knee joint. The sturdy support has a massage effect on ligaments, tendons, muscles and the connective tissue, and it, therefore, encourages the sensorimotor function. Thanks to intense depth perception you will receive direct feedback and will be better protected against load peaks. Pain due to excessive strain subsides quicker, placing you in an excellent position especially for longer playing sessions and tournaments. Give your knee joints the support they need – and don’t give way to any opponent!!

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up.

Omega Pad Technology

Omega Pad
Precise embedding and guiding of your kneecap through an integrated, innovative elasticated pad ensuring optimal distribution of power through the knee joint.

Grip Technology
Integrated, skin-friendly silicone band on the upper edging for secure fit and precision with every movement.

Supporting the spine

A strong core

Volleyball is not only challenging for your arm and leg muscles: your abdominal and back muscles also play a decisive role. You might say that your torso is the support player that enables all movements in a match. A strong core is vital, especially because of the one-sided strain caused by stroke movements performed with the dominant arm, the many twisting motions, arching back for attacking shots and the many jumps. Your shoulders and spine are subjected to high acute stresses, after all. Weak abdominal muscles also tend to cause a hollow back in volleyball players, and this increases the risk of injuries to the spine. Beach volleyball players are particularly complaining about back pain.

Strong backing for beach and indoor volleyball with sports supports

The Sports Back Support provides you with strong and precise support on the court. The sports support features integrated nubs that have a massage effect on your back extensor muscles in every movement. Your torso muscles are activated as a result, leading to a stabilizing effect. This also has a positive impact on your sensorimotor function. The muscle activation and control will also improve your posture automatically – meaning you can avoid the typical and troublesome volleyball player’s hollow back. Let the Sports Back Support back you up and face your opponents with a strong set of torso muscles!

Powerdot Activation Technology

Powerdot Activation
Soft pad provides stimulating massage of back muscles with movement to improve posture and reduce back pain.

Faster regeneration

Avoiding excessive strain

Volleyball is a discipline that is characterized by intervals of very intense strain. Super fast reactions are necessary for serve receives and to handle attack situations: switching from blocking to attacking and back again, a high degree of strength endurance and perfect legwork over short distances. These brief but very demanding stresses throughout the entire duration of a match will lead to symptoms of fatigue without adequate support. Excessive strain will result in tiny muscle injuries that are known as microtraumas. Typical unpleasant consequences include hardened calves, muscle soreness or – even worse – cramps. Such symptoms can put you out of action – and out of the game – halfway through a volleyball match.

Preventing muscle soreness and cramps with compression sleeves

The compression products of the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line use targeted compression to increase oxygen supply and improve the blood reflux to the heart. This allows for more efficient removal of metabolic waste products that are produced when the muscles are at work. Your muscles are thus able to regenerate even during the match, and the supply of oxygen is improved. Your muscles will also warm up more quickly. So there is nothing stopping you from scoring and performing at your best in any position!

Targeted compression zones technology

Targeted Compression Zones
Innovative taping and muscle building zone with zone-specific compression supports the muscles in the surrounding area. Taping zone improves proprioception - the sense of body awareness and stability.

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