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Bauerfeind Sports - Made in Germany

Made in Germany
Premium materials and the highest production standards since 1929


Weightflex Technology

Weightflex Technology
The unique, patented two-component core with the innovative X-module supports the arch of the foot and helps with heel-to-toe gait.

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Ultralight compression knit adapts perfectly to your body shape, supports moisture exchange and prevents overheating.

Targeted compression zones technology

Targeted Compression Zones
Innovative taping and muscle building zone with zone-specific compression supports the muscles in the surrounding area. Taping zone improves proprioception - the sense of body awareness and stability.

Detail of the pelotte spanned by soft material on the inside of the Elbow Strap Sports


Patella Pad Technology

Patella Pad
Pad with four nubbed pressure points that relieves the attachment of the patellar tendon and guides and supports the tendon under load, as well as stimulating the area around the patellar tendon.

Five Point Pad Technology

Five Point Pad
The sports-specific placeable pad with five nubs stimulates the muscles of the surrounding area by direct pressure on the affected, painful tendon.

Dual Pad Technology

Dual Pad
Positionally secure embedding and guidance of your elbow through two anatomically shaped pads on the inside and outside of the elbow. Tendons are supported and muscles activated to reduce the risk of injury.

Powerdot Activation Technology

Powerdot Activation
The soft pad causes a stimulating massage of the back muscles during movement, which improves posture and reduces back pain.

Omega Pad Technology

Omega Pad
Positionally secure embedding and guidance of your kneecap by means of a knitted-in elastic pad that ensures optimum force distribution in the knee joint.

Detailed recording boa closure system on the elbow clip for sport


Targeted Support
The elastic strap allows you to choose the desired pressure of the wrist bandage.

Boa Fit System Technology

Boa® Fit System
The Boa® closure system enables millimetre-precise adjustment and easy opening and closing.

Grip Technology
Integrated, skin-friendly silicone strap at the top edge for a secure hold and precision in every movement.

Powerguard Technology
An individually adjustable strap system dampens arm extension during movement and prevents overextension of the elbow - an adjustable basic level of tension causes a compensatory countermovement of the forearm muscles.

Taping Technology

Taping Technology
The adjustable flat belt allows for targeted support and flexibility to ensure effective stabilisation and reduce the risk of injury, especially during jerky movements and jumps.

Detailed view on the upholstery zone on the foot bed of a trekking sock


Medical Compression Technology

Medical Compression Technology
A highly elastic and extra thin knitted fabric made of microfibre according to medical standards provides effective compression to improve blood circulation and oxygen transport, thus preventing muscle soreness and cramps.

Targeted compression zones technology

Targeted Compression Zones
The functional zones increase the performance of the calf muscles with muscle-specific compression and keep the calf muscles in the optimal performance range for longer.

Infinity Zone Technology

Infinity Zone
Specially shaped functional area for stabilising the midfoot and ankle. Additionally supports the arch of the foot and effectively prevents overloading.

Achilles Comfort Technology

Achilles Comfort
Innovative cut-out in the area of the Achilles tendon relieves the sensitive area and prevents over-irritation during longer runs.

Arch Lift Technology

Arch Lift
Unique comfort zone provides lasting arch support, improves running feel and provides more comfort on long runs.

Heel Protection Technology

Heel Protection
Anatomical protection area protects the heel when the foot is placed on the ground, reduces the pressure load during the run and effectively prevents heel overload.

Relief Sole Technology

Relief Sole
Specially structured sole area reduces pressure on the sole of the foot during running and allows higher loads over a longer period of time without restricting the foot's freedom of movement.

Ultralight Yarn Technology

Ultralight Knit
High-tech microfibre with wide-meshed and open knit for reduced weight and breathability with optimal performance. Hardly noticeable and yet highly effective.

Ultra Thin Yarn Technology

Ultra-Thin Yarn
Ultra-thin knitted fabric made of high-tech microfibre provides maximum feedback in the ski boot. The fine material is barely noticeable and yet highly effective.

Shin Protection Technology

Shin Protection
Padded zones in the front of the socks reduce pressure on the shin and ensure optimum comfort in the ski boot.

INSTEP Comfort Technology

Instep Comfort Zone
Instep Comfort Zone reduces the pressure of the shoe on the instep and provides more comfort on long tours.

Calf Protection Technology

Calf Protection
Cushioning zone in the back of the socks reduces pressure on the calf muscles and ensures optimum comfort in the ski boot.