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Because your knees deserve the best support

Whether you go running, play basketball or football, or glide down the piste on skis: your knees are the driving force behind almost all sports. They are able to withstand enormous strain and help to push you. That’s why they deserve the best support. We have the right products for you.

Good reasons for a Bauerfeind Sports knee support

When it comes to your knee stability during sports, you should leave nothing to chance. Our Bauerfeind Sports knee products are developed together with top athletes and take into account the goals of athletes who want to push themselves to their limits.

Which knee product is best for you?

Sports Knee Support

With its anatomically contoured Omega pad, the Sports Knee Support prevents pain caused by excessive strain, and is also suitable for athletes who want to get back to training after recovering from a knee injury. Grip and 3D Airknit Technology ensure a secure positioning and perfect breathability.

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Sports Compression Knee Support

The Sports Compression Knee Support seamlessly encloses the knee and lies against the skin with the perfect fit. Owing to comfortable compression, athletes are better aware of each knee movement so the risk of injury reduces.

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Sports Knee Strap

Thanks to the patella pad, the Sports Knee Strap relieves the patellar tendon with targeted pressure below the kneecap, thus counteracting typical problems caused by excessive strain and anterior knee pain.

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