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Compression socks for sports

It's simply better to run / play / cycle / hike etc. with it!

Compression using special microfibre knitted fabrics has been used successfully in medicine for many years (you can find more information on this, for example, at our colleagues at Bauerfeind Medical) and is also becoming increasingly popular among athletes. The reason for this is obvious: the pressure applied to the blood vessels improves the muscle pump and reduces the increase in leg volume during exercise. This means that the muscle can be kept at its optimal performance level for longer during sport and regenerates more quickly afterwards, as waste products such as lactate are removed more quickly thanks to better blood flow.

Compression socks: Muscle power and stylish accents for even more fun during sports

Compression socks for sports are characterised by their high and slim design from the feet to just below the knees. The pressure decreases towards the centre of the body, i.e. is strongest at the ankle (the area just above the ankle) and lowest at the flexibly knitted end. There are also compression socks on the market with "targeted compression", i.e. muscle-specific compression, which are usually visually striking with stylish accents and modern colours. The running socks in our Run Performance Line also belong to this group.