Run Ultralight Compression Socks

Light, lighter, ultralight! The Run Ultralight Compression Socks’ targeted compression ensures that your muscles stay fit for longer and that you have more energy reserves available – and you will hardly notice them because of their lightweight design.


  • Targeted zone-specific compression for your calf muscles
  • Extra thin design and maximum breathability
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The right size

This is how you determine the perfect fit for optimal effect.

A) Measure the circumference of your calf at the largest point. B) Use your standard shoe size to determine the length of your socks.

Material and care instructions

Material composition

84% Polyamide,16% Elastane

Care instructions
40 degrees washing symbol

The product can be washed gently up to 40 degrees water temperature.

Not bleaching washing symbol

Do not bleach the product!

Non -chemically clean washing symbol

The product does not tolerate dry cleaning.

Not dry washing symbol

Do not tumble dry the product.

Do not iron washing symbol

The product is not suitable for ironing!

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Your benefits

Promote mobility.
Prevent injuries.


Targeted compression zones technology


The functional zones increase the performance of the calf muscles with muscle-specific compression and keep the calf muscles in the optimal performance range for longer.

Infinity Zone Technology


Specially shaped functional area for stabilising the midfoot and ankle. Additionally supports the arch of the foot and effectively prevents overloading.

Achilles Comfort Technology


Innovative cut-out in the area of the Achilles tendon relieves the sensitive area and prevents over-irritation during longer runs.

Heel Protection Technology


Anatomical protection area protects the heel when the foot is placed on the ground, reduces the pressure load during the run and effectively prevents heel overload.

Relief Sole Technology


Specially structured sole area reduces pressure on the sole of the foot during running and allows higher loads over a longer period of time without restricting the foot's freedom of movement.

Ultralight Yarn Technology


High-tech microfibre with wide-meshed and open knit for reduced weight and breathability with optimal performance. Hardly noticeable and yet highly effective.

Product features

Power to the summit: Our trail running socks support your calves with targeted compression, especially when the trails become steeper and the terrain more difficult.

Detailed view on the Achilles tendon protection zone of the pink -colored airy knitted compression socks and running

Power all the way to the top: our trail running socks support your calves with targeted compression, in particular when paths are steeper and the terrain is more challenging. Thanks to targeted compression zones, your muscles get a critical boost when they need it.

The Run Ultralight Compression Socks are our running socks for top performance. These super lightweight socks ensure ideal ventilation, they fit your feet like a second skin and provide great comfort even when it’s hot.

The wide-meshed knitted fabric guarantees perfect energy management and excellent breathability.

The Run Ultralight Compression Socks combine the best features of lightweight sports compression socks: the extra thin knitted fabric is particularly breathable, thus ensuring a pleasant running sensation – even on warmer days. Integrated compression zones support the calf muscles and stabilize the ankle and foot.

Unique compression zones at the calf reduce muscle vibrations and stimulate circulation. This delays muscle fatigue, and more energy reserves remain available. The “Infinity Zone” offers protection from excessive strain: it slightly raises the foot arches and supports the ankle with gentle pressure. The “Relief Sole” and “Heel Protection” comfort zones are gentle on the sole and reduce the pressure load on the heel as the foot touches the ground in running shoes. The “Achilles Comfort” cutout provides further relief for the Achilles tendon and prevents irritation in this sensitive area.

The correct size of the Run Ultralight Compression Socks is selected using the shoe size and the widest calf circumference. This ensures an ideal fit on the skin for maximum effectiveness. They are made in Germany according to the highest quality standards.

  • Targeted zone-specific compression for your calf muscles
  • Extra thin design and maximum breathability
  • Stability for the ankle and foot arch
  • Comfort owing to different cushioning zones
  • Durable and free of toxins