Close upholstery of a hiker in hiking shoes and with green medium -length hiking socks that go up a stony path in the background her hiking partner

Sports Socks

Mid Cut Sports Socks


Mid Cut Sports Socks

Your smart companion for stability and comfort on any surface

Anyone who walks on forest paths, across meadows or even on gravel paths or hikes on stony, bumpy or very soft ground knows how great the risk is of twisting an ankle and possibly sustaining serious injuries to the ligaments in the ankle joint. To minimise the risk of injury, you should of course make sure you wear the right shoes: Running shoes that give the foot a good grip and cushion it with a sturdy sole when touching down; hiking shoes with a sufficiently deep tread that provide grip even on slippery or stony ground and also enclose and stabilise the ankle joint.

Mid Cut Sports Socks: The perfect complement to running and hiking shoes

Our mid-cut sports socks are the perfect complement to running or hiking shoes. They offer additional protection for your ankles and a further significant increase in comfort. Smart functional zones cushion and protect the sensitive areas of your feet, toes, instep, heel and Achilles tendon. Their ankle-high cut and the Infinity Zone give your ankle additional stability - and your run, hike or trekking tour in the great outdoors will be a great and safe pleasure.