Run Performance Mid Cut Socks

Mid Cut Socks with functional zones to stabilise the midfoot and the ankle joint - for secure running on every ground.


  • Infinity Zone stabilises the midfoot and the ankle joint and prevents overload
  • Reduces the pressure load on the soles of your feet while running
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Product number: 70000013

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The right size

This is how you determine the perfect fit for optimal effect.

Use your normal shoe size to determine the length of your socks.

Material and care instructions

Material composition

88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane

Care instructions
40 degrees washing symbol

The product can be washed gently up to 40 degrees water temperature.

Not bleaching washing symbol

Do not bleach the product!

Non -chemically clean washing symbol

The product does not tolerate dry cleaning.

Not dry washing symbol

Do not tumble dry the product.

Do not iron washing symbol

The product is not suitable for ironing!

Delivery & Return

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Your benefits

Promote mobility.
Prevent injuries.

Runner with running socks jogges through the city - focus on the feet with product


Infinity Zone Technology


Specially shaped functional area for stabilising the midfoot and ankle. Additionally supports the arch of the foot and effectively prevents overloading.

Achilles Comfort Technology


Innovative cut-out in the area of the Achilles tendon relieves the sensitive area and prevents over-irritation during longer runs.

Heel Protection Technology


Anatomical protection area protects the heel when the foot is placed on the ground, reduces the pressure load during the run and effectively prevents heel overload.

Relief Sole Technology


Specially structured sole area reduces pressure on the sole of the foot during running and allows higher loads over a longer period of time without restricting the foot's freedom of movement.

Runner with medium -long running socks sits on a railing

Product features

Nice and stable! No matter where you run: our Run Performance Mid Cut Socks give you the good feeling of stability in the ankle, relieve your feet and ensure outstanding running comfort.

Medium -length running socks product view from below - focus on the foot vaults

Steady with every step! No matter where you run, our Run Performance Mid Cut Socks will give you the good feeling of stability for your ankles, relieve your feet, and secure an outstanding running comfort.

Mid Cut Socks for running for stability and steady steps on every surface

Run Performance Mid Cut Socks provide for stability and a safe tread when running on any terrain. The Infinity Zone stabilises the midfoot and ankle and supports the foot arches, offering effective protection against excessive strain.

The Relief Sole and Heel Protection comfort zones are gentle on the sole and reduce the pressure load on the heel as the foot touches the ground in running shoes. They enable the feet to withstand continued high levels of strain much better, without compromising freedom of movement. The Achilles Comfort groove provides lasting relief for the Achilles tendon and prevents irritation during longer runs.

The medium-length sports compression socks have an ideal fit on the skin for maximum effectiveness. The shoe size must be determined for choosing the correct size. With their sporty design, the Run Performance Mid Cut Socks are durable, breathable and washable at 40 °C. They are specially made in Germany to top quality standards and are toxin-free and skin-friendly.

  • Infinity Zone stabilises the midfoot and the ankle joint and prevents overload
  • Reduces the pressure load on the soles of your feet while running
  • Comfort groove for the Achilles tendon effectively reduces irritation on longer runs
  • Hypoallergenic, breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Anatomically padded - right and left specific
  • Durable, toxic-free product of robust quality