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More power and stamina for your fitness training: Get more out of yourself

Products to protect joints for a trouble-free fitness workout:

With our products from Bauerfeind Sports, you are well-equipped for your sport activities

Maximum body control, strength and power: What fitness challenges do you face?

Maximum joint protection

Control movements purposefully and train pain-free for longer.

Your joints want more power! Whether you’re doing squats, push-ups or challenging full-body exercises such as burpees, your knees and elbows are under a lot of strain as you are doing them.

Enhanced body feedback prevents overload

You must pay particular attention to performing your exercises correctly during your fitness workout - and not lose this focus over time. This is the only way to train your muscles holistically and achieve your best performance without discomfort. It isn’t always easy with frequent changes of tempo, and it could be that you start to experience symptoms of overload in the knees and elbows.

Bauerfeind Sports Support Line athletic braces improve movement control in knees and elbows, helping you train longer and strengthening muscles. You’ll notice immediately as the light compression optimally distributes force in your joints. At the same time, the robust brace with incorporated pads massages ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue. This in turn enhances joints’ sensorimotor perception and gives you better feedback. That’s how you prevent overloading. In addition, the brace helps to control quick or jerky movements and prevents injuries.

Less pain and more power for your fitness training

Your knees and elbows are protected during your fitness training with Sports Knee Support and Sports Elbow Support. Overload pain abates quicker and the risk of injury is minimised, meaning more power for fitness!

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up.

Omega Pad Technology

Omega Pad
Precise embedding and guiding of your kneecap through an integrated, innovative elasticated pad ensuring optimal distribution of power through the knee joint.

Dual Pad Technology

Dual Pad
Precise embedding and guiding of your elbow through two anatomically contoured pads on the inside and outside of the elbow. Tendons are supported and muscles are activated to reduce risk of injury.

Faster regeneration

Promote circulation, activate muscles and regenerate faster.

Giving your all and pushing yourself to the limit - that’s your approach to fitness training. You pit yourself against the clock, yourself or another team and you only want one thing: to constantly improve yourself and your performance.

To achieve this, your muscular system needs to be in top shape. An intensive whole-body workout exercises several muscle groups at the same time and in order for this to be effective, your muscles need time to recover. This is completely independent of your personal fitness level and whether you are training for strength endurance, hypertrophy, maximum strength or general stamina. Without phases of muscle regeneration, cramping and soreness can occur more often.

You can prevent this by wearing compression products during and after training. They begin to activate your muscles on the arm, thigh and lower leg during your workout. You’ll feel a pleasant but firm pressure that stimulates circulation and minimises muscle vibration. This means your muscles are under less strain and regenerate much faster.

After training, Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line compression products improve blood flow back to the heart. This in turn reduces swelling in the arms and legs and at the same time facilitates oxygen transport to stressed muscles. This speeds up muscle recovery and prepares you to take your body to the next fitness level faster.

Don’t let sore muscles and cramps hold you back!

Targeted compression zones technology

Targeted Compression Zones
Innovative taping and muscle building zone with zone-specific compression supports the muscles in the surrounding area. Taping zone improves proprioception - the sense of body awareness and stability.

More wrist power

Stabilise wrists, control strength and improve training

Increased power and stamina to achieve challenging training goals - you bring them both to your strength and fitness training. Your body needs to be in top shape from head to toe, including your wrists. You play an active role in your training successes. Various endurance and strength exercises wouldn’t work without manual effort. Whether you’re doing normal push-ups or strength training with weights such as classic barbells or kettlebells - your wrists need to be in great working order.

Stabilizing the wrists - especially during peaks of strain

Poor alignment, inadequately trained muscles and overload often cause wrist pain during workouts. This is especially true when it comes to load peaks involving numerous repetitions or higher loads. It’s therefore important to stabilise and support the wrists.

Optimal power distribution and pain-free training

The Sports Wrist Strap sports strap is guaranteed to relieve and stabilise, especially during weights-based workouts. The amount of support can be individually adjusted and adapted to different situations for different fitness exercises. The force is optimally distributed along your wrists and provides relief at the same time. You can exercise longer without discomfort.

Your training goals become even more tangible - hands on!

Targeted Support
Elastic loop allows to adjust the desired pressure of the sports support on the wrist.

Stronger back, secure ankle

Stabilise back muscles and ankle joints to achieve your fitness goals.

You place a lot of emphasis on variety during your fitness training. You constantly adapt your training cycles to get more out of yourself. This requires determination, but above all also strength, body control, flexibility and core stability. Higher, further, faster – so of course your ankles need to be strong too. The Sports Support Line sports products provide effective support during your workout.

Athletic braces for your back engage stabilising core muscles, positively promote muscle activation and improve your posture. The integrated raised nodules stimulate your muscles and fascia with every movement for improved body perception.

The Sports Ankle Support Dynamic supports your ankles optimally and doesn’t restrict your freedom of movement in any way. You will simply feel a light compression as the relief to your ankle becomes clearly noticeable.

Athletic braces are as flexible as your daily workouts require thanks to their anatomical fit and lightweight knit fabric. They sit like a second skin. Sports Support Line products reduce the risk of injury as your physical fitness increases - for varied training without discomfort.

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up.

Powerdot Activation Technology

Powerdot Activation
Soft pad provides stimulating massage of back muscles with movement to improve posture and reduce back pain.

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