Sports Compression Sleeves Arm

Medical compression sports sleeve for arm - lightweight, breathable, fit securely, durable & washable


  • Benefit from more power, increased endurance, faster recovery times
  • Improved circulation through medical-grade compression that decreases from wrist to upper arm
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The right size

This is how you determine the perfect fit for optimal effect.

A) Start your measurement from a point just below the armpit. Measure the circumference at this height with your arm by your side. B) Measure the circumference of your wrist. C) Measure the length of your arm between the two points.

Material and care instructions

Material composition

75% Polyamide, 25% Elastane

Care instructions
40 degrees washing symbol

The product can be washed gently up to 40 degrees water temperature.

Not bleaching washing symbol

Do not bleach the product!

Non -chemically clean washing symbol

The product does not tolerate dry cleaning.

Not dry washing symbol

Do not tumble dry the product.

Do not iron washing symbol

The product is not suitable for ironing!

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Your benefits

Promote mobility.
Prevent injuries.

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Premium materials and the highest production standards since 1929.

Targeted compression zones technology


Innovative taping and muscle building zone with zone-specific compression supports the muscles in the surrounding area. Taping zone improves proprioception - the sense of body awareness and stability.

The climber on the rock wears green compression Sleeves for the arm

Product features

The Sports Compression Sleeves Arm strengthen the arm muscles with a comfortable compression effect.

Detailed view ropes of the compression Sleev for the arm

The compressive effect is based on medical standards, i.e. it decreases from wrist to upper arm, promoting circulation. The muscles receive a better supply of oxygen, continue to perform more effectively and regenerate faster. Stimulating blood circulation also causes the arm muscles to quickly heat up, which makes them better protected against injury.

The sleeves, which come in a sporty design, are available as a pair and are durable, breathable and extra-soft in the elbow area for increased wearing comfort. They can be washed at 40 °C. To ensure the correct size is selected, the circumference of the wrist and the upper arm at the level of the armpit must be measured, as well as the length of the arm from the wrist to the armpit.

  • Benefit from more power, increased endurance, faster recovery times
  • Improved circulation through medical-grade compression that decreases from wrist to upper arm
  • Temperature and moisture-regulating effect through breathable high-tech microfibre fabric
  • Soft inner elbow area for comfortable fit with every movement
  • Durable, toxic-free product of robust quality