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Because your ankles deserve the best support

Whether you're running, playing basketball or soccer, or pounding the punching bag: your ankles provide you with the necessary stability. They endure tremendous stress, whether you're jumping, stopping, or sprinting. That's why they deserve extra support. We have the perfect products for that.

Good reasons for an ankle support from Bauerfeind Sports

When it comes to the stability of your ankles during sports, you shouldn't leave anything to chance. Bauerfeind Sports ankle products are developed in collaboration with top athletes and can help athletes achieve their goals and push their limits.

Welches Sprunggelenk-Produkt ist Deines?

The Sports Ankle Support protects against twisting and rolling of the ankle, preventing overloading and injuries. Thanks to the Taping Technology, it can be individually and optimally adjusted to your foot contour.. 

About the product

The Sports Ankle Support Dynamic helps you achieve new peak performances. Whether sprinting, in the boxing ring, or at the gym, this sports brace supports you with its stabilizing function. The breathable material provides an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience.

About the product

Thanks to the seamless compression knit, the Sports Compression Ankle Support feels like a second skin on your ankle. Additionally, the compression bandage promotes blood circulation, thereby activating stabilizing muscles throughout the foot.

About the product

Maximum support for intense sports sessions: The Sports Achilles Support Bandage can alleviate discomfort in the Achilles tendon and promotes a secure running sensation. With targeted pressure points and comfort zones for ultimate wearing comfort.

About the product

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