Man with a kneeboard goes deeply crouched with a kettlebell between the two hands


Supports, Braces & Sports Wraps

High-quality workmanship for maximum wearing comfort

Based on the functional knitted fabric and the ventilation zones of the Bauerfeind Supports, you will experience a high degree of wearing comfort. The highly elastic knitted fabric ensures a carefully regulated level of compression in the area of the joints. Our supports are thin and can comfortably be worn under clothes. Pressure points provide you with positive motor feedback, and the innovative pad absorbs pressure peaks.
Thanks to the anatomical fit, the Bauerfeind Sports Supports securely remain in the right position, offering perfect freedom of movement.

Bauerfeind Sports supports combine three technologies:

  • The anatomical 3D fit offers perfect support and helps you reach your full potential
  • The wide-meshed AIR ventilation zones reduce weight, promote cooling during extreme physical strain, and prevent the build-up of moisture from sweat
  • The KNIT knitted fabric of the Sports Supports features innovative functional zones – the perfect combination of firmness and freedom of movement