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Sports socks

So that you can give your all in sports, we give the best for your feet.

Sports socks: underrated all-purpose armor

What constitutes typical sports clothing?

Most recreational and amateur athletes will say: special sports pants (short or long, wider or tighter, but most definitely made of functional fibres), a functional shirt, sports shoes, of course (highly specific to practically every kind of sport, from running shoes and football boots to skates), and in fall and winter, they won’t forget a jacket made of functional fibres and a hat or a headband either. Some even wear sweatbands on their wrists or a towel around the neck.
It’s surprising, however, that sports socks for specific sports and requirements are rarely mentioned when it comes to sports clothing. After all, it’s our feet that have to carry us through everything – be it many thousands of kilometres during running, playing football or skiing.
Bauerfeind Sports offers you the appropriate sports socks for all the different types of sport:


Three lengths for different requirements

Not all socks are the same. This is true for everyday clothing as well as for sports. Even if ankle-length (Mid Cut) socks are the standard for most people, Low Cut socks or “no-show socks” are now very popular, particularly in the summer. And it’s especially ambitious amateurs and professionals, but also fashion-conscious recreational athletes, who increasingly opt for knee-length (High Cut) socks, often with compression effect to support the calf muscles and help prevent cramps.

That’s why you can find Low Cut as well as Mid Cut running socks in our Performance Line, along with a matching compression variant. Our outdoor sports socks are available in Compression and Mid Cut versions.

Our 3 sports sock lengths: What would you like to know more about?