The runner runs down a mountain and wears the Trail Run Socks in the color Peach

Trail Running

Trail Running Socks


Beat any Terrain

No limits: It’s up to you where and how far you’ll go. With the Bauerfeind Run Ultralight Socks, you will be ready. With the unique Targeted Compression Technology and functional zones that support your endurance and provide you with stability. Meter by meter. Trail by trail.

Targeted Compression Technology

Targeted zone-specific compression for your calf muscles stimulates blood flow. This helps your muscles work for longer, and more energy reserves are freed up.

  • TOE COMFORT - Anatomically moulded cushioning zone for pressure reduction in the toe area.
  • AIR CHANNEL SOLE - Airy cushioning zone for soft rolling and high breathability.
  • DOWNHILL COMFORT - Shock-absorbing cushioning zone for steep downhill runs.
  • INFINITY ZONE X-TREME - Our strongest Infinity Zone for an increased feeling of stability around your ankle.
  • HEEL COMFORT - Soft material for high comfort in the heel area.
  • TARGETED COMPRESSION - Improves blood circulation and the efficiency of your calf muscles.
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What makes out Trail Running Socks so special?

Those who really want to focus on their trails must be able to fully rely on their equipment. Our Run Ultralight Socks provide the perfect fit that both professionals and amateurs appreciate. With our medical experience, we have been able to perfectly adapt the effects of compression to sporting requirements. The extra thin knitted fabric ensures excellent breathability, turning them into socks that are comfortable to wear.

Thanks to their Targeted Compression Zone, the Run Ultralight Compression Socks will always maintain your calf muscles in the ideal performance range.
However, compression stockings don’t just maximize your performance. Four additional functional zones in the areas of the ankle, the Achilles tendon, the heel, and the foot arches ensure a more stable, comfortable, and better run. The difference is noticeable!

The Run Ultralight Mid Cut Socks are the perfect choice for all those who don’t want to wear knee-length running socks but still value stability and support in the area of the ankle. The Infinity Zone effectively stabilizes the foot arches and the ankle, protecting you even on uneven terrain. Additional functional zones ensure a high level of wearing comfort.