Hahner Zwilling runs up a mountain and wears the Trail Run Socks in the color Peach


Trail Running

Pure nature on unknown paths - Challenging nature on the trails and being captivated by the landscape

The trail running experience: overcoming random and challenging obstacles to reach that ultimate running freedom

Trail runners rush through the undergrowth, leap water crossings, dodge wildlife, sprint up steep hills, hop over tree trunks, and almost never take the same path twice - making every run different. That’s what’s so fascinating about this activity.

Breath-taking landscapes and nature are the rewards for the challenging terrain the runners must undergo. Trail runners often use narrow paths where on one side of the path, a huge rock face - on the other, a steep drop-off overlooking a dangerous but beautiful vista.
Trail runs are extremely challenging with plenty of obstacles to be overcome. The big attraction here is nature. What amazing view is waiting for you after the next turn? Which challenges will be testing you over the next ten kilometres? By avoiding the paved roads and choosing the natural terrain,... you never know what’s next. That is why trail runners choose to run trails.

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No matter how high the mountains, how difficult the ascents and how stony the paths: With our Trail Run Socks you conquer the mountains!

Trail Run Compression Socks

Uphill and downhill with extra power and special stability in the ankle: our brand new trail running compression socks make it possible.

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Trail Run Mid Cut Socks

Mid cut trail running socks for your running adventures. The socks stabilise the midfoot and ankle so you can move quickly and safely on any terrain.

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