Bauer enemy lettering in a picture where two runners run on a mountain over the city

About us

Bauerfeind Sports: that's who we are

For your personal best

We have been developing premium supports, compression textiles, and foot orthoses specifically for use during sporting activities since 2016. This sports line is part of the long-established Bauerfeind brand. This is based on our medical expertise and many years of experience in treating elite athletes. We relish a challenge and we pursue one ultimate goal: FOR YOUR PERSONAL BEST.

Bauer enemy lettering in a picture where two runners run on a mountain over the city

Bauerfeind Innovation Center

Success through ideas – this entrepreneurial maxim has always determined our commercial action. The aim is to consistently develop innovative products that are both functionally better and therapeutically more effective than conventional products. This is where the work of Bauerfeind Innovation Center in Zeulenroda starts: the teams of specialists develop and optimise products and health care concepts. 

At the Bauerfeind Innovation Center, we continually develop our products, drawing on all the experience we have gained in the world of elite sport. For this reason, you can be 100% confident that all Bauerfeind products always reflect the latest findings in sports science.

Global partner in the world of sports

Dirk Nowitzki The Bauerfeind logo and the text "Made in Germany Since 1929" at the basket in black and white above

Bauerfeind has been a crucial part of the medical treatment concept during Olympic Games for decades. Top athletes across the world rely on our outstanding quality. Among those is Dirk Nowitzki: The basketball superstar is our global brand ambassador. Furthermore, as a service partner of the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation, we provide support to more than 3,800 athletes and thus virtually all Olympic athletes from Germany.

Our products

The Bauerfeind Sports products have been proven to prevent the early onset of fatigue during exercise as well as sport-specific injuries. Afterwards, they support regeneration and speed up recovery.

Quality “Made in Germany” without compromise

Bauerfeind products don’t simply meet standards – they fulfil the most stringent requirements when it comes to quality, effectiveness and wearing comfort. This is confirmed by inspection procedures, for which our products are permitted to bear the appropriate seals and marks after successful testing. Bauerfeind AG, located in Zeulenroda/Thuringia, is one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids, such as supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings, and orthopaedic foot orthoses. Founded in 1929, the family-run business employs around 2,100 members of staff worldwide and is represented by subsidiaries in over 20 countries.