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Running Training

Improved performance, better protection & valuable tips

Everything has to fit together for the perfect run. You need perfectly trained endurance, strong muscles, and, of course, the right running equipment. Then that euphoric runners-high experience can set in where you simply run away from the strain, feeling like you could keep going forever. Find out everything about trendy running outfits and the functional must-haves from Bauerfeind Sports for your top performance during training and competitions!

Running for your immune defence: don't overdo and equip yourself properly!!

Regular running training makes particular sense during the cold and flu season. Light physical exertion increases the number of natural killer cells, which recognise and kill cells infected by pathogens. The number of B lymphocytes is also increased. These are able to stimulate the release of antibodies through the formation of plasma cells.

Physical strengthening through mental balance

The mental component also plays an important role in this. Because regular running reduces stress, it also reduces stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol, which can put the body into a constant inflammatory response and overload the immune system.

More is not always better!

However, as with so many things in life, the intensity of exercise is also important when it comes to strengthening the immune defence. Although the body needs a certain amount of physical activity to boost the immune defence (experts recommend 30-60 minutes of endurance training around three to five times a week), anyone who trains too often or too intensively risks the training itself becoming a stress factor - and therefore doing more harm than good to the immune system.

Equip properly and breathe through your nose

It's no secret that cotton clothing, for example, cannot wick sweat away quickly and therefore cools the body down relatively quickly. So - especially in autumn and winter - make sure you wear high-quality functional clothing and add hats, gloves or joint protectors and compression socks to your training outfit. Breathing in the cold season should be done through the nose, as this gives the cold air enough time to warm up before it reaches the bronchial tubes. A light scarf, shawl or multifunctional tube scarf supports this and should always be worn, especially on longer runs.

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Why functional clothing is important for running

Appropriate clothing exists for every season and every running discipline. The perfect running equipment requires more than “just” good running shoes. Functional sports clothing absorbs sweat and supports moisture management. High-quality running gear made of functional fibers from premium manufacturers such as Nike, Gore Running Wear, and adidas is fundamental.

Advantages: your body temperature is regulated, you feel dry, and the clothes don’t stick to your skin. In addition to the materials used, the fit is also very important: the clothes mustn’t cut in, chafe, or pinch.

The right running outfit can also prevent injuries and support the regeneration of muscles even during the run. In order to run properly, muscles, ligaments, and the entire cardiovascular system must work together harmoniously.

Running outfits – must-haves for your running training

Whether you are learning how to go jogging, preparing for a half-marathon, or even running a marathon – with the right running equipment, you are ready for new fastest times.

The essentials for running: shoes, pants, shirt

Running shoes: Running shoes are the most important part of your outfit. They have to suit the condition and anatomy of your feet perfectly and support all your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Different shoes are suitable for different terrain, so you should choose accordingly. As a trail runner, for example, your shoes need more tread than if you’re running on asphalt. Urban runners, on the other hand, require better cushioning than people running in forests.

Running pants: While running, it’s best to wear breathable running pants that wick moisture away from the skin. Make sure they fit comfortably. These pants shouldn’t cut in, and seams shouldn’t rub on the skin.

Running shirt: A good running shirt is part of the basic equipment. It wicks moisture away from the skin and protects against the wind, therefore ensuring a high degree of comfort. Flat seams that don’t chafe on the skin are important. High-quality running shirts offer a lot of freedom of movement and don’t restrict mobility. Reflecting elements improve visibility in poor light conditions.

Running jacket: To allow you to keep training on cold and wet days, you need a running jacket. It protects you against the elements. For the spring and fall, when a running shirt is not enough and a running jacket is too much, get a running vest.

What can Bauerfeind do for you? Products for more power and control

Jogging with knee supports for more stability and against knee pain

While running, enormous force is applied to your joints, your knees in particular. For the prevention of knee pain and for perfect support with maximum movement control, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support is a tried and tested medical product. When your knees hurt during a run, or you want to start running again after knee surgery, these durable knee supports help you by improving movement control and by preventing excessive strain. The integrated pads massage the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and the connective tissue with every movement. This, in turn, has a positive impact on sensorimotor function. It means injuries are prevented, and knee pain is alleviated more quickly.

Find out more about how to avoid knee pain when running and support your muscles and ligaments!

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Avoid twisting and ligament injuries: with ankle supports

It happens quickly while running: a stone or root on the ground or that tiny bit of carelessness – and you have suddenly twisted your foot. The Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support Dynamic was developed to minimise the risk for twisting and avoid severe injuries of the ankle. It is extremely light-weight and you won’t sweat too much thanks to its 3D Airknit Technology. Because of the anatomic contouring of the ankle support, you don’t have to sacrifice freedom of movement and can focus entirely on new personal record times.

Here you yout get to know more about how to stabilise your ankle joints when running.

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Improved performance using Compression Sleeves Upper Leg under your running pants

Activate your thigh muscles with Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg. They work the same as the lower leg version, stimulating circulation with targeted compression. Simply wear these sleeves under your running pants! Thanks to the highly elastic knitted fabric and precise fit, the Compression Sleeves are like a second skin. You won’t notice them, even under skin-tight running pants.
Compression Sleeves Lower/Upper Leg will support you in three stages:

  • During warming up
  • When calling on your maximum performance
  • During the regeneration of your muscles

Learn now how to improve your performance while running.

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Improving the calves’ muscle action while running with Compression Sleeves Lower Leg

Thanks to regulated compression, wearing Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves Lower Leg increases circulation, therefore improving muscle action. Your entire lower leg will be perfectly supplied with oxygen. Your muscles will warm up more quickly, preventing calf pain while running. This means you can keep going for longer, and regeneration is quicker. Sore muscles are also prevented.

Learn now how to prevent sore muscles while running.

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No matter what the weather is like: There’s no stopping you with running gear from Bauerfeind Sports