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Exercises against knee pain

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Knee pain: Not only is it annoying, it can also drag on for a long time. It is often not easy to recognise the cause of knee pain. Poor sports posture is one of the most common causes of knee pain. This is because in such cases the knees absorb shocks that lead to overuse.

Do your knees often hurt during or after sport? Fortunately, you can reduce or even eliminate knee pain with a few simple exercises. These exercises make your knees stronger and more flexible so that muscles and tendons can recover more quickly. It is important that you do the exercises regularly.

Strengthening the thigh muscles

Strengthening the thigh muscles is one of the most important exercises against knee pain. Your thigh muscles bear a large part of your body weight so that it does not constantly fall back onto your knees. You exercise your thigh muscles by lying on your back and lifting your legs straight with your toes pointing towards you. Repeat this movement 10 times, 3 times in a row with a short rest each time. Do this twice a day. Is it going well? Then you can make the exercise harder by doing 15 or 20 repetitions instead of 10 or by using weights.

Knee mobility

The following exercise makes your knee more flexible so that muscles and tendons are less stressed. Sit on a chair and place the healthy leg in front of the painful leg. Then carefully push the second leg back under the chair with the first leg. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times - 3 times a day. The more often you do the exercise, the more supple your knee will feel and the faster your knee pain will disappear.

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Stability of the knee

If your knee is unstable, the same muscles and tendons will be overworked again and again. This can lead to persistent knee pain. Ensuring a stable knee is therefore a must in the fight against knee pain.
You practice this by standing on one leg (your painful leg) and slightly bending the knee of that leg. Now stand upright. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat 10 times - several times a day. Does this work without problems? Then try it with your eyes closed.

Improve your posture

You may be standing with your knees hyperextended without realising it. This puts pressure on the knee joint, which leads to a painful knee. When standing, make sure your body weight is on the back of your feet and your knees are slightly bent. Also slightly tighten your stomach and stretch your upper body. Keep your chin up. Does this feel a little strange at first? Then remember that the way you stand is a habit and you can change it with practice. Note: Depending on how bad your knee pain is, you should do the 4 exercises less intensively. So don't do too much at once, but pay attention to how your knees feel. Do you want to protect your knees even better during sports? Then opt for a knee sleeve or bandage. Thanks to the optimal support, you avoid overloading your knee