Woman does yoga exercises on a large rock on the water and pink lower leg Sleeves


Outdoor Yoga

Challenge yourself

You spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer or standing, often in an uncomfortable position. Your shoulders automatically slump forward, and your back becomes rounded. The pain in your knees or hips increases, and your posture deteriorates. Your body is tense, and the thought of a relieving massage won't leave your mind. Unfortunately, in the current, extraordinary situation, this is not easily possible.

But that doesn't mean you have to completely forgo relaxation. The solution is simple: go outside, enjoy the fresh air – and do yoga. We have prepared three outdoor yoga exercises for you, which will relieve your spine and enhance your well-being. These various poses will help you build more confidence in your body – and provide free mental and physical relaxation.

Ustrasana - The Camel Pose

This pose is a backbend. It improves the flexibility of the spine, and the intense stretch stimulates the digestive system. Although Ustrasana might seem like a pose for advanced practitioners, it is recommended for everyone to stabilize the lower back. It is important to listen to your body and distinguish between muscular effort and physical pain. 

Ensure you are well warmed up before performing this pose.

  • Kneel upright with your knees hip-width apart. Keep your feet on the mat with the toes extended. 
  • Place your thumbs on your sacrum and press your shoulders back. 
  • Keep your elbows close to each other. Inhale in this position, allowing your chest to expand.
  • Tilt your neck and shoulder blades back, and your hips will automatically move forward. Look up with your eyes and let your head fall back so you can see the horizon line behind you. You will feel a stretch in the front of your thighs.
Yoga exercise of a woman on a rock she is in the camel position with upright upper body and hands in front of the body
Woman on a rock does the camel pose pose yoga exercise and a light hollow cross
Outdoor Yoga - Camel Pose Hohlkreuz _knee Support Pink


  • Be careful not to raise your shoulders. 
  • Avoid jerky movements. 
  • If it feels safe for you, reach your hands towards your ankles. 
  • Take at least five full breaths in this position. 
  • Slowly straighten back up. 

Extra tip: If you have trouble touching your heels with your hands, place two yoga blocks next to your feet.

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Raja Bhujangasana - The King Cobra

This "threatening" pose should be performed slowly and with great care for the harmony of body and mind. The yoga exercise is great for strengthening the back and opening the chest and shoulders to breathe even more freely. This posture has a strengthening effect on the entire body and also brings mental peace. 

Let's get started: 

  • To prepare your body for the exercise, it is best to start with the well-known Adho Mukha Svanasana, also known as "the Dog" in German. 
  • Place your hands and knees on the floor. 
  • Extend your elbows so that your arms form a straight line. 
  • Spread your fingers and press your hands against the yoga mat. Distribute your weight evenly on your palms to relieve your wrists.
  • Push your buttocks towards your heels and lift your knees off the floor. 
  • Your arms and legs are automatically extended. It is very important that your back remains straight. 
  • Keep your heels on the floor and press your hands firmly into the ground. 
  • Your gaze points towards the floor. Take a deep breath in this position.
Woman with wrist bandage on rocks in the King Cobra pose supports her palms on the legs straight on the floor
Woman at the outdoor yoga in the Königskobra pose has supported her hands and stretched her feet vertically upwards
Woman in the Königskobra pose in the hollow cross her head touches the tips of the toe

  • From this posture, move into the push-up position and slowly lower your elbows to the floor. Roll your shoulders back. 
  • Your elbows support your body. As you gently press your legs down, slowly push your chest forward and up. 
  • Draw your shoulder blades down, opening your chest. 
  • Extend your neck. Your elbows are straight and firmly placed on the ground. Lift your upper body while keeping your legs extended. 
  • Breathe deeply in and out. You will feel your chest has more room to open.
  • Direct your eyes towards the sky, slowly lift your legs, and let your head fall back. Try to touch your head with your toes. 
  • Hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds. 
  • Breathe in and out. 
  • Before exhaling, lay your body back down on the mat. 

Tip: You can end the exercise again in the Adho Mukha Svanasana pose.

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Virabhadrasana 3 - The Low Flying Warrior

In this pose, the gluteal muscles are engaged a bit more to better stabilize the hips, which ultimately benefits a healthy back. Lifting the leg strengthens the leg muscles, and balancing on one leg while maintaining tension creates stability throughout the body. You don't have to be a master on your first attempt. If you start to wobble during the exercise, don't be frustrated. First, practice maintaining your balance by touching a wall with your hands, for example. 

Once you feel ready: 

  • Place your legs in a wide lunge: right foot forward, left foot at a 45-degree angle. 
  • Bring your hands together in a prayer position in front of your chest. 
  • Bend your upper body over the front knee. 
  • Shift your weight forward and lift your left leg parallel to the ground. Keep the standing leg steady. 
  • Focus on a point on the floor. 
  • Take four to five deep breaths. Return to the lunge position. 
  • Come back to an upright position. Keep your hands together. 
  • Now extend the left leg forward. Your back should remain straight. 
  • Keep your thigh straight and parallel to the ground while letting your lower leg drop to your knee. The toes point downward.
Woman with Wadensleeves makes the yoga exercise low flying warrior balancing on one leg and looking to the ground
Woman with a lower leg Sleeves makes the low flying warrior stands upright with outstretched leg
Woman on a rock makes the yoga exercise low flying warrior stands upright with angled knees


  • The foundation of the exercise is stable feet. Press your toes consciously and firmly into the yoga mat. 
  • Activate the thigh muscles to lift the kneecap. 
  • A slight bend in the knee improves balance if you start to wobble. 
  • Try to push the top of the standing thigh bone backward to keep your hips stable and straight.

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