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Knee Support for skiing

Preventing knee pain when skiing

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Reduce injury risk while skiing

Skiing accidents happen quickly. Have you twisted your knee? That is a very common skiing injury. About one third of all skiing injuries each season concern the knee joint. Many of those affected will still complain about knee pain during skiing, even after regeneration and strength training. Even without a previous injury, it is quite common that you feel pain in your knees sometimes. With a little know-how and by wearing a knee support during skiing, you will be ready for the next run – enjoying yourself without pain.

Whether the knee pain is related to an injury or not, by wearing a knee support during skiing, you can

  • prevent knee injuries,
  • improve your sense of stability in the knee,
  • prevent excessive strain in the knee joint, and
  • alleviate knee pain when skiing.

The important thing in the case of knee pain when skiing is to avoid excessive strain! Skiing means a lot of strain on the muscles and ligaments – for the knee joint, in particular. Lateral strain and rotations apply huge pressure on the menisci and pull on the ligaments. The enormous pressure and tensile loads can cause pain and lead to injuries. Furthermore, the vibrations from the hard and uneven surface put even more strain on the muscles and joints.
To prevent sore muscles, good preparation for the skiing season is essential. If muscles are not trained well enough, misalignments of the knees can occur, resulting in knee pain. You need well-trained muscles for improved control of the knees and effective pain prevention. Wearing a knee support during skiing offers additional help.

Good reasons for a Bauerfeind Sports knee support

When it comes to your knee stability during sports, you should leave nothing to chance. Our Bauerfeind Sports knee products are developed together with top athletes and take into account the goals of athletes who want to push themselves to their limits.

The knee support for skiing: this is how the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support can help you

The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support will help with knee pain and excessive strain during skiing. The knee support stabilizes the knees, improves joint guidance, and reduces swelling. Thanks to the improved stability in the knee, you will benefit from more control. The ideal firmness of the knee support and simultaneous freedom of movement ensure that your knees are supported during their natural movement –allowing you to really speed down those slopes.

The Omega Pad of Sports Knee Support as a 3D representation

The importance of the pad – skiing after tearing the cruciate ligament

Skiing after meniscus surgery? Skiing after cruciate ligament surgery or skiing without a cruciate ligament? In many cases, people can go skiing again six months after a knee surgery. After an injury is healed, or in the case of worn joints, compression - for the protection and optimization of knee function - is not enough. That is why the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support combines compression with a pad. The knee support features a ring-shaped pad for the proper guidance of the kneecap.

The best knee support for skiing: our excellent Sports Knee Support

Excellent against knee pain

It is no longer a secret that our Sports Knee Support has special qualities in the fight against knee pain while skiing. The readers of SkiMAGAZIN have just awarded our knee support the 2023 Innovation Prize in the "Accessories" category. Take advantage of its innovative functionality and get it now in your favourite colour.

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High-quality workmanship for maximum wearing comfort

Based on the functional knitted fabric and the ventilation zones of the Bauerfeind Knee Support, you will experience a high degree of wearing comfort. The highly elastic knitted fabric ensures a carefully regulated level of compression in the area of the knee joint. The ski support is thin and can comfortably be worn under skiing clothes. Pressure points provide you with positive motor feedback, and the innovative pad absorbs pressure peaks. Thanks to the anatomical fit, the Sports Knee Support securely remains in the right position, offering perfect freedom of movement. The knee support for skiing combines three technologies:

  • The anatomical 3D fit offers perfect support and helps you reach your full potential.
  • The wide-meshed AIR ventilation zones reduce weight, promote cooling during extreme physical strain, and prevent the build-up of moisture from sweat.
  • The KNIT knitted fabric of the Sports Knee Supports features innovative functional zones – the perfect combination of firmness and freedom of movement.
Medical compression as a 3D representation

Benefits of compression: promoting circulation & proprioception

The external pressure increases circulation and proprioception, meaning the perception of body movement and spatial position. The increased circulation improves the supply of nutrients and promotes regeneration in the case of microtraumas. Improved depth perception leads to you being more aware of signals from the knee, therefore benefiting from an improved conscious and subconscious control over the knee. By wearing a sports support, you are reducing inappropriate mechanical stress preventing knee pain, and you are increasing your sense of stability.

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Stabilise your knees!

The gentle compression improves your control over movements during extended downhill runs and long days on the slopes. This is how the knee support protects you against excessive strain. During movement, the Sports Knee Support massages ligaments, muscles, tendons, and connective tissue – with positive effects on sensorimotor function. Your benefits from regularly wearing the knee support: you are counteracting stress and risk of injury. At the same time, pain from excessive strain is alleviated more quickly.

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