Verschiedene Athleten bei der Ausübung ihres Sports

Summer of Sports

Your summer, your sport! Bauerfeind’s Summer of Sports

This summer will see some sporting action! In addition to the European Football Championships, the Olympic Games are taking place. And you, too, can become an elite athlete. Find out how professionals and everyday heroes train and overcome obstacles to motivate YOU to give your best. There will frequently be new information, pictures, videos, insights, and offers relating to Bauerfeind’s Summer of Sports. Stay curious and keep coming back to discover more!

What sport do you practice?

Strong together: Bauerfeind and Deutsche Sporthilfe support elite athletes.

Top German athletes have to undergo rigorous training, but demands are also made on them by work, studies, and family. Bauerfeind has been supporting Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe since 2001 and has been its official partner since 2013, providing products to athletes so they can give their best.

Strong Products for Strong Partners


The round thing has to go through the hoop.

Basketball isn’t just fascinating because of its dynamism and team spirit. We even get carried away by the sound of the ball on the ground. Dribbling, passing, shooting, the sound of the ball swishing through the net. It’s many hours of hard training and trust in your team mates that characterize the sport. Basketball is passion and simply enjoying the game.

A female basketball player from Alba Berlin dribbles and goes past another player.
A female basketball player from Alba Berlin is laughing and holding a basketball under her arm.

Compression Wear


Kick it!

Olé, Olé, Olé! Football thrills millions of people all over the world. The roaring of the fans, the slapping sound of a pass, and the cheering when a goal is scored create an amazing atmosphere in stadiums week after week. We’re passionate football fans, too. That’s why we’re cooperating with Eintracht Frankfurt. Our products with the perfect fit ensure increased stability and endurance during training.

Three players of FC Carl Zeiss Jena in the stadium training with a football, wearing various Bauerfeind Sports products
Players of FC Carl Zeiss Jena in the stadium dribbling with foot bandages

Race around the Netherlands

Race around the Netherlands: An Ultra-Cycling Experience Report.

Martin and Christian are two long-time friends who have already conquered several adventures together on their bikes. Two years ago, they stood at the starting line of the Race around the Netherlands for the first time. In their first attempt, they had to abandon the race due to a swollen Achilles tendon. Find out in this experience report how they prepared and whether they crossed the finish line in 2024.

Learn More

A cyclist taking part in the Race around the Netherlands carries his bike over a lock.

Race around the Netherlands Facts

  • nearly 2,000 kilometers and 6,900 meters of elevation
  • once around the Netherlands
  • self-supported bikepacking race
  • the time limit is 8 days and 10 hours


Get into the swing of things!

Whether on the floor, horizontal bar or balance beam – this versatile sport makes equal demands on body and mind. Gymnastics is the perfect combination of strength, elegance, and precision. With our partner Andreas Toba, we have the world’s best gymnast by our side. When using our products, you, too, can ensure increased stability and strength on the parallel bars, horizontal bar, or rings.

Andreas Toba during gymnastics in a sports hall on the horse, wearing a Bauerfeind Sports brace.
Andreas Toba in a sports hall is doing a handstand on the horse, wearing a knee brace.


Throw as far as you can!

Javelin doesn’t simply involve hurling a sharp stick somewhere. This sophisticated track and field discipline combines strength, technique, and precision to make sure the javelin goes as far as possible. This sport is centuries old and even dates back to ancient times. Our partner for this discipline is Thomas Röhler, Olympic and World Champion, who shares our passion for javelin throwing.

Thomas Röhler stands in front of a goal net holding a javelin on his back, wearing an elbow brace.
Thomas Röhler holds a javelin in his hand and is about to throw it. He wears an elbow brace and is on the training ground.


Jump, shot, goal!

Dribbling, passing, throwing – handball is rightly known as one of the most dynamic sports. Timing and speed are key during handball. One team tries to set a trap for the opponent to claim victory. Our partners from THW Kiel are incredibly good at that and have won several titles. With our products, you, too, can develop your full potential on the court.


Smashing, blocking, digging.

A strong block close to the net, a quick attack, or precise passing. Volleyball isn’t just multifaceted but also incredibly fast. Volleyball is nothing without teamwork, which is exactly what binds the individual players to create a unit. Our partners from SSC Palmberg Schwerin demonstrate during every match what that looks like. Make sure you get even better stability and joint protection with our products.

A player of SSC Palmberg sits on a bench in a sports hall, laughing at the camera. She wears a knee brace.
A player of SCC Palmberg in a sports hall receives a ball and wears an elbow brace.

Experience your Summer of Sports – with suitable Bauerfeind products.

At Bauerfeind, we have been committed to sports, health, and performance since 1929. Our products are developed in close cooperation with experts and using innovative materials so we can provide professional athletes as well as everyday heroes with effective support and comfort. Our mission is to help everyone with an active lifestyle achieve their goals and get ahead.

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