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Tips for your workout

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Have you started going to the gym in the new year? If you've never been to the gym before, it can be pretty exciting. Do you opt for group classes or do you prefer to work out at your own pace? Do you focus more on cardio or muscle training? Do you stick to a strict training plan or do you decide what you want to do each week? Thanks to the following tips, you're already prepared for what's to come!

Start comfortably

You are probably too enthusiastic and want to start exercising right away, but don't overdo it right away. Do only a few exercises per piece of equipment (five to six) to avoid overloading muscles that you don't normally use often. In the days after training, your muscles should have a chance to recover, and recovery is faster if you don't do too much at once. It's also important to know that your muscles don't grow in the gym, but only when they recover. So it makes little sense to train too much. If you increase slowly, you will feel ready to increase the weight a little each time you train.

Keep track of your performance

After each workout, record your performance in a notebook. This way you can set specific goals for yourself. Write down which exercises you do, the number of sets, rest periods, etc. The progress you make each week will motivate you every time you train! Do you want to lose weight? Then you can also record this in your fitness diary, possibly supplemented by what you ate and drank that day. However, avoid eating too little to lose weight. Crash dieting will cause your body to lose muscle mass for energy, which of course is not intended. A larger muscle mass leads to a higher fat burning rate. Your body will burn more calories even if you don't exercise.

Advice on the use of equipment

If you have never been to a gym before, you should ask the staff for advice on how to use the equipment or where to find certain equipment the first time. Using equipment incorrectly can have serious consequences for your muscles and joints. Do you have friends who do sports? Go out with them a few times first so that you can ask them for advice. You can also join a group training session: This will not only help you to use the equipment perfectly, but will also motivate you to persevere. 

Get the right equipment

It may sound logical, but people who train intensively also need to drink enough. People who exercise regularly need more water because they sweat more. A large bottle of water or possibly a sports drink is therefore a must for everyone who exercises. In addition, good sports shoes and a towel are essential for any workout. To equip yourself even better, you can also wear compression clothing or bandages. Since fitness training involves a wide variety of exercises aimed at both strength and fitness, many different muscles are used. An elbow brace, knee brace or wrist brace is not a luxury for those who exercise regularly. Are you thinking about starting fitness sports? Get the products from Bauerfeind Sports and get started!