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A strong solution for back pain during skiing

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Back pain - the nation's most common ailment

Back pain is the nation’s most common ailment. In most cases, the reasons are tense or weak back muscles. The problem may also be caused by a herniated disk. Skiing promotes your health because you are moving in the fresh air, combining enjoyment and action. For people with existing damage or those who have not trained for this activity, the first downhill runs can lead to back pain during skiing.

Causes of back pain during skiing

The blows and impacts during skiing can cause a problem for your back or your intervertebral disks. The intervertebral disks have to absorb the forces that are being applied during skiing. If tense and weak back muscles cause the problem, in general, specific strength training and the correct posture during skiing will help. Additionally, sports supports can assist the back: the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support stabilizes and relieves back muscles, alleviates back pain, and prevents back injuries. To ensure pain-free skiing you should also work on your back muscles and your posture during skiing.

Ski gymnastics exercises to strengthen the back muscles

A sedentary lifestyle and the weak muscles associated with it are the main cause of back pain during skiing. In most cases, you can successfully combat stabbing pain in the back with specific strength training. Due to the excessive strain during skiing, proper preparation for the season with ski gymnastics and strengthening exercises for your back are the basic requirement for your enjoyment in the snow without pain. The following exercises will help you strengthen your important back muscles.

1. Exercise: Diagonal stretch

Lie on your stomach and stretch your arms forward. The palms of your hands face each other. Now lift your head but keep looking down. Also lift the left leg and the right arm slightly. Hold this position to strengthen your back muscles for ten seconds, alternating arms and legs. Do this exercise three times with 15 repetitions each.

2. Exercise: Diagonal all-fours position

This exercise is like the first one. But you start on all fours. Your hands and knees are about hip width apart. From this position, stretch out your left arm and your right leg. Make sure your back isn’t hollow. Then pull in your elbow and your knee toward each other, hold this position for a moment, and then change sides. Repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times, take a break of about one minute, and do another 20 to 30 repetitions.

3. Exercise: Lateral stabilization

In this exercise, you lie on one side, supporting your upper body with your forearm. The elbow is at a 90-degree angle, your feet, hip, and shoulder form a line. Remain in this position for 30 to 60 seconds. This exercise strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles and the back. Tip: For advanced training, lift the top leg and to stretch the upper arm vertically upward.

4. Exercise: Diagonal crunches

Lie on your back, with your hands by your head. Now pull the left knee to the right elbow, and vice versa. Slightly rotate your back when you do this exercise. Do this 20 to 30 times, repeating twice. This exercise strengthens your oblique abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles are the counterparts of the back muscles. They also have to be strengthened so the torso muscles can be trained properly.

The correct posture to counteract back pain during Alpine skiing

Previous skiing techniques with the skis close to each other, body rotation, knee rotation, and hip bend, involved enormous ground reaction forces. Sometimes, these would reach 4 to 6 times the skier’s body weight. On today’s shaped skis, in combination with the carving technique, even professionals “only” reach forces of 2 to 4 times their body weight.

Your posture during skiing influences the forces that act on your body. If you employ a controlled style (protective technique), the “ground reaction forces” drop below your body weight and are lower than when you go walking in ski boots. To alleviate back pain, an upright upper body with a pain-alleviating neutral position is best. Additionally, a sports support assists with spinal stability. The Bauerfeind Sports Back Support is the solution for back pain during skiing.

Help your body

Avoid back pain when skiing by preparing yourself. Strong muscles and the right posture have a positive influence on your skiing performance. The Back Support provides additional support.

Advantages of the Sports Back Support

The Bauerfeind Sports Back Support is a sports support for the back, combining the following advantages:

  • Stabilization of the back muscles
  • Strain relief for the back muscles
  • Strain relief for the back muscles
  • Prevention of back injuries

An innovative pad is integrated into the sports support which massages and stimulates your muscles and fasciae. Wings on the sides improve the sensorimotor feedback, and the airy, lightweight material ensures a high level of wearing comfort. Thanks to the anatomical fit, you will feel a secure hold and maximum freedom of movement. The flat abdominal fastening with donning loops makes putting on the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support easy. The sports support is available in rivera and black. It is characterized by long-lasting quality, it is easy-care, and helps to prevent back pain during skiing.

Back protection and skis: The Back Support provides additional support

Compression provides support and stimulation

The Back Support is an effective protection against excessive strain. The pleasant compression supports your back muscles, and the integrated silicone dots provide stimulation during movement. This has a positive influence on your sensorimotor function: your stabilizing torso muscles are activated, muscle control is harmonized, and your posture improves.

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Made in Germany

Like the other Bauerfeind products, the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support was created in Germany. For decades, Bauerfeind has been developing highly effective medical aids and supporting top athletes through the work of the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation, and at the Olympic Games. Building on many years’ experience, we designed the Sports product line. We constantly work on improving our products in the Innovation Center. That is why you can always be sure that Bauerfeind products epitomize state of the art in sports science and sports medicine.

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