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Snowboarding enhances your power, mobility, stamina, and coordination. However, without proper preparation, back pain can occur during snowboarding. So prepare well for the snowboarding season and include the exercises described here to strengthen your back muscles. Additionally, wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support will prevent back injuries and alleviate back pain.

Back protection snowboarding – a common issue

Snowboarding represents various risks of injury. Compared with skiing, snowboarders have an overall higher risk of broken bones, mainly affecting the upper extremities. Beginners, in particular, often try to break their fall with their hands, which leads to fractures close to the wrist. Knee injuries are less common and ankle injuries more frequent than during skiing. Experienced snowboarders often take more risks on and off the slopes, so the injuries are less frequent but more severe. According to statistics, spinal injuries are most likely to affect Alpine freeriders with their daring jumps at high speeds. To prevent injuries, it is common to wear a helmet nowadays, and back protection for snowboarders in the form of a snowboard back protector is widely used. If you fall backwards on your snowboard, there is a risk of injuring your tailbone.

The Bauerfeind Sports Back Support provides additional relief and stabilization for the back muscles, and it alleviates back pain.

Exercises for snowboarders to strengthen the back muscles

Constantly switching from frontside to backside requires the leg muscles to distribute forces in the flexor and extensor muscles. In addition to the legs, you also use your neck and shoulder muscles as well as the large back muscles. A good level of fitness is the prerequisite for maximum enjoyment in the snow. It’s also the best protection against back pain during snowboarding. Back pain can also be combated in many cases with targeted strength training. Strengthen your back using the following exercises.

1. Lumbar and back muscle training

This exercise works on the gluteus maximus, the back of the thighs as well as the lumbar and back muscles.
Preparation: Face down, lie on a large table with your upper body. Be sure your pelvis and legs are able to swing freely downward. Keep your legs straight and let them hang down with a bent hip, while holding on to the edge of the table with both hands.
Exercise: Tense your buttock muscles, keep the upper body in place, and raise both legs at the same time. Stretch out your legs until they form a straight line with your upper body. Hold this position. This static strength exercise also trains the lower back muscles. Lower your legs again, keeping your spine stable. Bend your knees and return to the starting position. Do ten to 15 repetitions per set. Beginners should do two sets; for advanced training, three or more sets can be performed, depending on the training condition.

2. The spider

This exercise strengthens the arms, chest, thighs, stomach, and back.
Preparation: Start in the push-up position with your hands under the shoulders. Make sure you keep your back straight and tense your abdominal muscles.
Exercise: Bend your arms and lower the upper body as for push-ups. At the same time, pull the right knee to the right elbow. Your foot should not touch the floor. Then straighten your arms and put your foot back into the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the left side. Beginners should do five to ten repetitions and two sets; for advanced training, three or more sets can be performed, depending on the training condition.

3. Side plank

The side plank strengthens the stomach, back, arms, and shoulders.
Preparation: Lie on your side, supported on your forearm, with your elbow under your shoulder. Your feet should be straight and positioned on top of each other.
Exercise: Lift your body so that only your feet, your forearm, and elbow have contact with the floor. Your body forms a straight line. Hold this position for 15 seconds. To increase the effect of this exercise, you can stretch the upper arm over your head, then move your upper knee and upper elbow towards each other. Maintain the position and body tension. Then extend the leg again and repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times. Change sides and repeat the exercise twice on each side; three times for advanced training.

Back protection snowboarding: the Back Support offers additional assistance

Preventing back pain during snowboarding

For more power and to delay fatigue in your back muscles, it is best if you wear the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support even during training as well as snowboarding.

The Back support:

  • stabilises the back muscles,
  • relieves tension in the back muscles,
  • alleviates back pain and
  • prevents back injuries.
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The sports support combines several functions to perfectly assist your body’s core. The integrated pad massages and stimulates your muscles and connective tissue (fasciae). Wings on the sides improve the sensorimotor feedback, and the airy, lightweight material ensures a high level of wearing comfort. The anatomical fit guarantees a secure hold, offering you maximum freedom of movement. It is easy and quick to put on the Back Support using the flat abdominal fastening with donning loops. The back support helps to prevent back pain and is the perfect back protection during snowboarding.

Back protection: snowboarding with the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support

The back support prevents excessive strain and stabilizes the back muscles. During movement, the integrated silicone dots provide additional stimulation. This has a positive influence on sensorimotor function, which improves your posture. The Bauerfeind Sports Back Support was developed in Germany together with top athletes. The feedback from these professionals is used in constant further development. That is why, when buying Bauerfeind Sports products, you can always be sure that they epitomise state of the art in sports science, and that they provide you with perfect support. The Back Support is the solution for back pain during snowboarding.

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