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Freeriding in deep snow, jumping in the fun park, or going full speed downhill – snowboarding means pure adrenaline and action. Whether you’re always looking for demanding courses or enjoy casual cruises on the slopes: you will need the right equipment to guarantee you an enjoyable time in the snow and the necessary protection against injuries in case you fall.
During skiing, your weight is equally distributed on both legs. Snowboarding, however, requires you to constantly change between frontside and backside, and therefore the relevant redistribution of forces in the flexor and extensor muscles of the legs. This means it is a very demanding activity in terms of strength, fitness, balance, and coordination.

Snowboarding equipment for fun & action with safety

Statistics show that injuries are more frequent during snowboarding than during skiing. Compared with skiing, broken legs are slightly more rare but injuries to the hands and knees are more common. The snowboarder usually falls forwards or backwards. Falls forward are stopped with the hands, meaning more bruised or fractured wrist bones. Falling onto the knees can damage the kneecap on impact.
According to accident statistics provided by Swiss Accident Insurance (SUVA 2009), those snowboarding regularly suffer from excessive strain to the knee joint, shoulder joint, and/or the upper ankle.
The type and severity of the injuries mainly depend on the person’s snowboarding skills. Compared with experienced snowboarders, for example, beginners fall forward twice as often as backward. Ankle injuries are often caused by jumps and insufficient support provided by soft boots in the area of the ankle. Get a good overview of the essential snowboarding equipment to prevent sore muscles and injuries. Find out which equipment is important, and how Bauerfeind Sports products can be of additional help.

Snowboarding equipment for your enjoyment in the snow

Your enjoyment on the slopes is heavily dependent on your snowboarding equipment. No matter if you want to learn how to snowboard or if you’re happy to hurtle down slopes covered in deep snow – with insufficient equipment you can quickly ruin your fun.

Snowboarding clothes: pants, jacket & the layer principle

The basis is proper snowboarding clothing that protects you against cold and damp, while at the same time offering maximum freedom of movement. It’s best to use the layer principle, wearing skiing underwear, then snowboarding pants, a light sweater, and your snowboarding jacket. Note: Your snowboarding jacket should be equipped with a rescue system so your friends or other helpers can find you in an emergency.

Wrist & knee protectors – preventing injuries

Wrist protectors offer protection against the dreaded injuries to the wrists. Gloves with thick padding offer additional protection. Knee protectors are also useful, protecting the kneecap as well as tendons and ligaments on impact.

Back protection – important snowboarding equipment

Falling backwards is usually cushioned by your buttocks. Luckily, they are not very sensitive to impact. Falling on your back, however, is dangerous and painful. That is why back protection must be part of your safety equipment. Falls hurt less, and you are better protected against injuries.

Helmet, boots & bindings – make sure they fit!

In addition to a cool helmet design, protection in the event of a fall is the essential selection criterion. Falling on the back of your head can result in a fractured skull, whiplash, or concussion. To ensure your snowboarding helmet provides maximum protection against impact and blows, a proper fit is essential. If the helmet is too small, uncomfortable pressure sores will develop on the skin. If it’s too big, it will move around all the time and won’t protect you properly. Your boots must also fit tightly. Reinforced hybrid boots are better protection than classic soft boots.

This is how Bauerfeind Sports can help you on the slopes

In addition to classic snowboarding equipment, Bauerfeind Sports products can help you to tap into your full potential on the slopes. Our products help to prevent injuries and sore muscles.

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support prevents excessive strain

Snowboarding is very demanding for your knee. Wear the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support with gentle compression for better movement control and perfect hold. The knee support prevents excessive strain, promotes quicker regeneration, and is the perfect addition to your snowboarding equipment. Find out how the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support works.

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The Bauerfeind Sports Back Support prevents back pain

Constant vibrations and blows during snowboarding are a huge strain on intervertebral disks and back muscles. Wear the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support to protect yourself against excessive strain and back pain. Find out how the sports support for the back stimulates your muscles and fasciae (connective tissue) and helps to boost your performance.

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Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Sleeves verbessern die Sauerstoffversorgung

Burning thighs and very sore muscles the next day? Sure, you didn’t prepare for the season properly, or the break was too long. Wear Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Sleeves during training and on the slopes for more power. The regulated compression promotes blood flow, and therefore the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Find out how Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Sleeves can boost the performance of your thighs and protect you against injuries and sore muscles.

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Bauerfeind Sports Lower Leg protects you from calf pain

To avoid unpleasant sore calf muscles, you should prepare your body properly for the upcoming strain with snowboarding exercises. In addition, the Bauerfeind Sports Lower Leg Sleeves with their controlled compression can help you get the best performance out of your legs.

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