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Snowboarding Exercises: Properly training the thighs

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The poorer your muscles are trained, the higher is your risk for injuries

Whether in deep snow, during freeriding, or on a prepared slope: the first day of snowboarding will often leave you with sore muscles on the next day. Preparation for the snowboarding season should, therefore, include working on the thighs with suitable snowboarding exercises. The less your muscles are trained, the higher the risk of injury. To improve performance, it’s best if you train and snowboard wearing Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Sleeves. Find out about their advantages, and optimize your training with suitable snowboarding exercises. Work out cleverly and avoid sore snowboarding muscles!

Why snowboarding exercises? Prevent sore muscles after snowboarding!

Unusual and extensive strain on the muscles can lead to soreness. Snowboarding affects the thigh muscles, in particular. The burning in your muscles will remind you of that very quickly. The pain in the thighs usually starts on the following morning. This is caused by small tears in the overstrained muscles. The consequences are swelling and inflammation that you perceive as thigh pain.

What can help to relieve thigh pain?

For acute sore muscles, you can warm the affected muscles and gently massage them. This promotes circulation and the supply of nutrients, which in turn will accelerate the healing process. It’s even better, however, if you’re prepared properly, training your thighs and all your muscles for the upcoming demands on and off slopes. Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Sleeves are your must-haves to help you prevent sore thigh muscles.

Snowboarding preparation with exercises for more power

The following exercises will help to strengthen your anterior and posterior thigh muscles. This basic training is the foundation for preparing properly for the season. You will increase your strength, stamina, mobility, and coordination. The following exercises will prepare your legs for board sports. You can benefit from the advantages of the Upper Leg Sleeves even during training.

Snowboarding exercise 1: Squats – a classic exercise

Classic squats are an effective exercise to strengthen the thigh muscles. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, toes pointing slightly outward. Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor, ensuring a straight back. Squat deep, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 15 times with two sets. When you do this exercise, make sure that your knees do not extend beyond the toes.

Snowboarding exercise 2: The invisible chair – training muscle stamina

During this thigh exercise, lean on a wall with your back, and squat until your legs form a 90-degree angle – as if you’re sitting on a chair. Hold this position as long as possible. This exercise works on the muscular endurance of your thigh muscles.

Snowboarding exercise 3: Standing scales – improving coordination

The standing scales work on balance and improve coordination between muscles. To ensure you can keep your balance, many little muscles carry out compensatory movements, and you can stand securely. To carry out this exercise, stand up straight and tense your abdominal muscles. Now shift your weight onto your right leg, stretch out the left leg backward, and lean forward with your upper body, with your straight arms reaching forward. Try to lift your left leg to hip height, slightly bending the supporting leg. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then repeat the exercise for the other side. Do this three times.

Snowboarding exercise 4: Lunges – effective muscle training

Lunges work on your legs as effectively as squats. Stand up straight, legs hip-width apart, and tense your abdominal muscles. Now lunge forward with your right leg. Your knee must not extend beyond the toes. Now dip your left leg, supporting your hands on your hips. Repeat the exercise 15 times, then change sides. Do this exercise three times with 15 repetitions for each leg.

Snowboarding exercise 5: Leg push – training the back of the thighs

This exercise works on the back of your thighs and the buttock muscles. The starting position is on all fours. Place your straight arms on the floor below your shoulders, and your knees under the hips. Your legs are slightly apart. Now move the right leg back, bend the knee 90 degrees, point the sole of your foot upward, and lift your leg up to hip height. Slowly push it up a little further. Repeat the exercise three times with 20 repetitions on each side.

This is how Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Sleeves can help you

Use the advantages of Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Sleeves during snowboarding exercises and on the slopes. The compressive effect of the thigh support improves circulation, and therefore the supply of oxygen and nutrients, providing improved performance.

The innovative technology supports you in several ways. The highly elastic knitted fabric enables regulated compression. The high-tech microfiber is breathable for perfect moisture management and feels pleasant on the skin. A perfect fit is guaranteed with the wide edging which is equipped with a silicone dotted band.

Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg

You will benefit from:

  • improved muscle performance,
  • optimised regeneration,
  • quicker and better warm-up and
  • better protection against injuries and sore thigh muscles.
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