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Preventing knee pain after snowboarding

With the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support - the knee support for snowboarding fun

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Snowboarding is fun as long as muscles, joints, and ligaments do their jobs. The intensity of this sport often causes sore muscles and pain. Knee pain after snowboarding and problems stabilising the knee joint are possible consequences. After a sports injury to the knee, in particular, quicker fatigue and problems with stability are more frequent. But even without previous injuries, knee pain is a known problem among snowboarders. After completing their strength training, many athletes complain about persistent knee pain after snowboarding. Don’t let that stop you! With the right preparation and support for your muscles and joints, you will be ready for the slopes in now time.

Find out more about preparation, prevention, and the supportive qualities of Bauerfeind Sports products.

Preparation: Skiing gymnastics exercises assisted by the knee support for snowboarding fans

Without proper preparation, you can expect to have very sore muscles after the first day in the snow. The muscles and ligaments are not used to high demands placed on the body during snowboarding. If you get on your snowboard with weak muscles, an incorrect posture can also affect your joints. Knee pain is a possible consequence after snowboarding. The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support helps to improve the guidance of the knee joints. Your knees will be stabilized more effectively, you will have more control, and swelling will be reduced. The Sports Knee Support combines perfect firmness with maximum freedom of movement for your snowboarding enjoyment.

Maximum wearing comfort, thanks to high-quality workmanship

The ventilation zones and the functional knitted fabric improve moisture management. When wearing the Knee Support, sweat is wicked away from the body, meaning you benefit from a high degree of wearing comfort during training and snowboarding. The knee joint and joint guidance are supported by perfectly regulated compression. The knee support’s pressure points provide you with a positive sensorimotor feedback. The innovative pad reliably absorbs pressure peaks. At the same time, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support is very flat, easily fitting under your snowboarding clothes. The anatomical fit guarantees a secure hold, while at the same time offering maximum freedom of movement. With the knee support, you will benefit from protection against excessive strain, based on the following three technologies:

  • The anatomical 3D fit, providing perfect support and strength development
  • The AIR ventilation zones, offering optimized moisture management minimizing moisture from sweat, and improved cooling during demanding activities
  • The KNIT knitted fabric with functional zones, which perfectly combines freedom of movement and stability

Sports Knee Support

Perfectly regulated compression improves circulation

Using compression, the knee support exerts pressure on the knee from the outside, improving circulation and oxygen supply. This improves the perception of body movement and its position (proprioception) at the same time. Compression helps you to perceive the knee’s signals better, optimizing your control over the supported knee. Furthermore, you will benefit from an improved supply of nutrients because of the increased blood supply, and it will prevent inappropriate mechanical stress that causes pain. Wearing the knee support during snowboarding will increase your sense of stability and prevent knee pain after snowboarding.

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Snowboarding after a healed cruciate ligament tear: the effect of the innovative pad

Snowboarding after a healed cruciate ligament tear? To allow you to get back on the slopes, but without knee pain after snowboarding, the snowboarding knee support combines the stabilizing effect of compression with the pad. This ring-shaped pad surrounds the kneecap (patella), and improves knee guidance.

A knee support & snowboarding: the Knee Support will improve sensorimotor function

The compressive action leads to improved circulation, meaning the muscles are supplied effectively with nutrients. At the same time, you have better control over your movements. The knee support massages muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the connective tissues, enhancing your sensorimotor function. The Knee Support is an effective protection against excessive strain. By regularly wearing the support, the risk of injury is also reduced and pain due to excessive strain is alleviated more quickly.

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support – your must-have for knee problems

The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

  • prevents knee injuries,
  • improves your sense of stability in the knee,
  • helps to prevent excessive strain in the knee joint,
  • alleviates knee pain during and after snowboarding anddelays fatigue.

Constant improvement of sports supports “Made in Germany”

To allow you to tap into your full potential during training and on the slopes, we are constantly working on improving our Bauerfeind Sports products. We have been working with elite athletes and developing highly effective medical aids for decades. The experience we have gathered is included in the new Bauerfeind Sports product line. That is why sports supports such as the Knee Support are the perfect assistance for you when you participate in your favourite activities. Development never stops. We are constantly looking for improvements, optimizing our products according to feedback from top athletes and Olympic competitors. That is why, when wearing a Bauerfeind Sports support, you can always be sure that your product corresponds to the state of the art in sports science. The Knee Support is available in rivera and black, and in the sizes XS to XXL. When choosing the product, follow the instructions to determine the right size. A perfect fit is the prerequisite for developing maximum effect.

A combination of proper preparation for the season with skiing gymnastics exercises and targeted strength training of the muscles that are needed during snowboarding, with wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support will prevent sore muscles and excessive strain. That’s how you will improve the supply of nutrients to the knee, and you will regenerate more quickly – giving you more enjoyment on and off slopes.

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