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Winter Sports

Interview with ski coach Julian Witting

More fun on the piste with the right ski equipment and training

Ever since his childhood, Julian Witting has been traveling the slopes of the world. Born in Sauerland, he has now turned his hobby into his profession and amazes tens of thousands of followers on his social media channels. Julian’s mission: sharing his enthusiasm for skiing and his entire knowledge with his community and students. In our interview, Julian tells us what fascinates him about skiing, why the right equipment is essential in winter sports, and how he keeps fit during and outside the season.

Enthusiasm for downhill skiing

Bauerfeind Sports: Julian, what fascinates you about skiing?

Julian Witting: Skiing is my life, my absolute passion, and a way to fuel up on energy and motivation. That’s why I made skiing my profession. I’m so grateful and thrilled that I can go into the mountains every day to help people.
Skiing is a technically demanding sport. During the descent, I’m fully focused on the moment and simply enjoy the flow. Add to that the experience of being in the mountains and the feeling of being connected to nature – that’s what the fascination is all about for me. Skiing also connects you to people: I’ve made friends for life in the world of skiing.

Bauerfeind Sports: What is essential for you when you’re out on the slopes?

Julian Witting: : The most important aspect of a successful day on the piste is the right company. Skiing with friends or coaching or ski camp guests is an absolute pleasure for me. Over the past few years with an average of 120 days suitable for skiing, I’ve also learned to appreciate high-quality Ski Equipment. The mountains are my office so not being limited by my equipment is extremely important to me.

Ski equipment to ensure greater stability and safety

Bauerfeind Sports: What do you require from your ski equipment?

Julian Witting: It’s a great feeling being able to rely on your ski equipment in all weather conditions and extreme situations. So it’s absolutely crucial for me that my skis are maintained properly, my ski boots are adapted to my feet, my goggles suit the weather conditions, and my clothing supports as well as regulates my body’s temperature and protects me from wind and moisture. It’s also important to be protected against mechanical injury using the relevant safety equipment like a helmet as well as protectors for my hands and back.

Bauerfeind Sports: How important are the right ski socks? What do you focus on there?

Julian Witting: I found out about the benefits of compression socks much too late in my skiing career. On the one hand, they don’t crease, which prevents pressure points in the ski boots. On the other hand, they increase circulation which boosts calf muscle efficiency and prevents cold feet more effectively. And if the ski socks also feature a high percentage of merino wool, they don’t just lie smoothly on the skin but they can also prevent unpleasant odors.

Ski Alpin Compression Socks

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Ski Touring Compression Socks

The Ski Touring Compression Socks increase the efficiency of the calf muscles thanks to innovative zone compression. Anatomically recessed padded zones also reduce pressure for greater comfort and the grip profile of the sole of the foot promotes grip in the ski boot. The thin knitted fabric is particularly breathable. Thanks to merino wool, your feet stay dry and warm on your tours.

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Alpine skiing tips for beginners

Zwei Skifahrer im Pulverschnee  bei Abfahrtsski

Bauerfeind Sports: What should beginners bear in mind to enjoy their time on the slopes as much as possible?

Julian Witting: Learning to ski is great fun. Especially at the beginning, you notice success quickly. But a lot of people stop working on their technique as soon as they can keep their skis relatively parallel. They then start to get used to high speeds, which sadly they can’t control because of their lack of skills. So here’s my appeal: please only ever go at a speed that allows you to come to an immediate stop in the next turn. If you can’t do that, you’re going too fast.
Another important aspect is ski fitness. Skiing is quite demanding and requires an overall high level of fitness. I therefore recommend, in addition to the weekly workout program, to do targeted ski exercises one to two times a week before and during the season. That will help prepare for the exertions during skiing to prevent injuries. Plus, skiing is all the more fun when your own fitness doesn’t restrict you.

To our ski exercises

Make it your season!

What else do you do to prepare for the new season?

Julian Witting: During the summer months, I specifically train for the ski season. Since downhill skiing takes endurance, strength, agility, speed, and coordination, you can combine many sports to prepare perfectly. My workout program consists of strength training, mountain bike, and athletic exercise sessions. I consider training during the summer months as part of my job so I can stay fit and healthy in the long term and help my community, guests, and clients, despite the great strain of more than 100 ski days per season.

What do you do on the occasion when you get injured?

Julian Witting: Life doesn’t always work out the way we want and, unfortunately, injuries are a part of being an athlete. Luckily, there are medical products, such as supports that can help during treatment as well as preventing injuries. My right ankle, for example, was a little unstable. Thanks to osteopathic treatment and Bauerfeind’s Sports Ankle Support, I was able to restabilize my ankle and prevent potential injuries.

Bauerfeind Sports: Which of the tips you pass on to your ski students are particularly close to your heart?

Julian Witting: The most important thing is that skiing should be enjoyable. You shouldn’t get all wrapped up in the technical side of skiing but approach the sport with ease and joy. You should also take your time and get help every now and then if you want to improve. But the most crucial thing is to go skiing often and to practice. After all, you can only learn to ski if you’re actually skiing.

Bauerfeind Sports: What are you looking forward to in particular in the 2023/24 season?

Julian Witting: I’m really excited about continuing to hone my own ski technique, about helping my guests reach their goals, and about being able to bring the world of skiing into the living rooms of my community via my social media channels.

Bauerfeind Sports: We wish you the best success with that and thank you very much for chatting with us!