Dirk Nowitzki coaches six basketball players with colorful knee bands


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After an impressive career spanning 21 seasons and 1522 games, NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki spends his first basketball season in retirement reflecting on a lifetime of memories playing the game. He sat down with Bauerfeind and basketball vlogger Casey Curtiss to discuss his passion for the game and distinctive moments shared with teams and fans from all over the league.

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Golden State Warriors: With a total of 7 championships and 12 conference titles, the Warriors have grown into a dynasty, especially in recent years.

Miami Heat: One of the biggest franchises in the NBA: The Miami Heat.

Boston Celtics: With a record 17 Championships and 56 playoff appearances, the Boston Celtics have a legendary record and a fanatical following.

Dallas Mavericks: For 21 Seasons “Dirk Nowitzki” was synonymous with the Dallas Mavericks. Now he’s sitting down with Bauerfeind to recount what those years in the Metroplex meant to him.

Chicago Bulls: Some of the greatest names in the game have played for the Chicago Bulls and the team continues to draw huge crowds of devoted fans.

LA Lakers: Purple and Gold are not only the colours of royalty but the distinctive colours of a team with 17 NBA titles, 32 conference championships and twenty-six Hall of Famers.

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