Footballer with a kneeboard has a ball on the foot on a lawn


Avoid knee pain during football

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Fight Knee Pain in Football

They are almost as much a part of football as referees, grass and goals: we are talking about knee pain. Sometimes it's a twinge in the back of the knee, sometimes it's a throbbing at the outer ligament, sometimes the area under the kneecap hurts. Knee complaints in football are almost as varied as the types of players in a team. But they all have one thing in common: with the knee products from Bauerfeind Sports, you can prevent them effectively or at least reduce them so that you can stay in the game.

The Sports Knee Support - the defensive boss for your knee

Our Sports Knee Support is like a good defence chief: with strong technique, power and endurance, it protects you from danger and ensures with its flexibility that you can be in control of the situation on the pitch even in stressful situations.

Thanks to its integrated pad, the knee support gently massages ligaments, tendons and connective tissue with every movement and strengthens the knee. Thanks to the anatomical fit and adhesive zones, it sits securely at all times without restricting your freedom of movement. The airy meshes of our 3D Airknit® knit guarantee breathability and optimal climate regulation.