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Marathon Training

The big goal: How to master your marathon training

Everything about marathon training

A myth, a challenge, a goal (for life): running a marathon is something like "the Holy Grail" to many amateur athletes. However, the road to that is long and stony. You just cannot run 42.195 kilometres without preparing intensively for weeks.
That's why we started this dossier about marathon training. We give you tips on the time you should take for a proper preparation, the marathon training schedule, means of recovery, the right diet, alternative activities, as well as exercises to strengthen yourself and run properly (the ABCs of running).
In addition, our Bauerfeind Sports marathon experts Anna and Lisa Hahner give you advice on training and motivation for your big run. Enjoy and best of luck!

Marathon training is multifaceted: What would you like to learn more about?

Our marathon experts

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Anna and Lisa Hahner, Germany's fastest marathon twins

"For us, training the mind is just as important as training the body. It is probably even more important for a marathon - especially because it is such a long distance - that you are mentally ready for it and that you deal with the marathon in advance."“