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Knie Pain after Running

Pain in the back of the Knee

Possible causes and countermeasures

When pain occurs in the back of the knee or calf, speculation soon follows. After all, you wouldn’t want to stop training. At the latest when you suffer from pain in the back of the knee during running, it’s time to look for the cause.

What causes pain at the back of the knee?

The knee is a joint with complex structures. Pain in the back of the knee – and in the calf as well – can have many causes. A damaged meniscus, cartilage or joint capsule are the usual suspects. If there is also swelling at the back of the knee in addition to pain, you may be suffering from a Baker’s cyst.

Assumptions, however, won’t be of any use. Only your physician will be able to tell you what the pain at the back of your knee is all about. It is crucial to find the reason for your pain – so you can be free from pain again, return to training, and, first and foremost, prevent complications and secondary problems. Therefore: make an appointment and get a thorough examination!

The more accurate the information you provide, the more effectively your physician will be able to help you. It will therefore be useful if you answer the following questions in advance:

  • When did the pain occur for the first time?
  • In which situations does the pain occur?
  • What exactly does the pain feel like?
  • Have you previously had knee problems?
  • How intensively do you exercise?
  • Have you ever tried to do something about the pain?
  • If so, what did you do, and was it successful?

Depending on the diagnosis, your physician should then be able to recommend suitable treatment..

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What to do about pain in the back of the knee?

Until your medical consultation or if the pain is mild, heat treatment or cooling are your first ports of call. But which of these? If your problems have been caused by inflammation, cooling will help. Use a cold pack or ice and wrap it in a towel. This will protect your tissue from being damaged. Don’t cool your knee for too long at a time, 20 minutes is the maximum.

If, on the other hand, muscle problems are causing the pain, then heat will usually be the right choice. The same applies here as well: not too hot and not for too long. If you’re not sure whether heat or cooling is better, listen carefully to your body – if in doubt, do not experiment!

For as long as you’re not sure what is causing the pain at the back of your knee and/or your calf, you should be careful with your knee and rest it. If the pain is severe, your obvious course of action is to take a break from your running training for the time being. If the pain is mild, you can carefully try to go running again. But start gently and keep an eye on how your knee feels.

Support and compression ensure increased protection

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Does your knee pain manifest in other ways?

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