Anna Hahner runs with her Sports Compression Knee Support via a jetty towards the lake

Pain in the back of the knee

Prevention instead of treatment

Improve your knee's proprioception and prevent injuries

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Would you like to prevent pain in the back of your knee and avoid unpleasant surprises on your way to top performance? Then wear our Sports Compression Knee Support for prevention. It provides relief exactly where it is needed.

The sports support fully encloses your knee and comes without any irritating seams. Moderate compression improves the knee joint’s proprioception. The support lies against the skin with a perfect fit, therefore stimulating blood flow in the surrounding muscles. This allows you to perceive your knee’s movements more effectively – minimising the risk of injury.

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Long -distance runners Anna and Lisa stand back on back for a portrait of round image section
“Muscles are the best stabiliser for the knee, which is why we exercise regularly. The Compression Knee Support has a similar function: it stabilises the knee when you are running and supports the correct movements. Thus, avoiding overworking, irritation and injury.”

Anna and Lisa Hahner, Germany's fastest Marathon twins

Our technologies behind the Sports Compression Knee Support

Seamless Compression Technology

Seamless Compression Technology
Seamless compression technology leads to improved depth perception in the knee, reducing the risk of injury.

Grip Technology
Integrated, skin-friendly silicone band on the upper edging for secure fit and precision with every movement

Pain in the back of the knee – treatment vs. prevention?

It’s usually too late when you’re already suffering from pain in the back of the knee. Whether this is caused by a popliteal cyst that exerts unpleasant pressure on the back of your knee from the inside, a tear or partial tear of the cruciate ligament or meniscus injury: you will not be able to avoid a break in your running activities in any case. And this break may stretch over months, especially if the cruciate ligament or meniscus is affected.
That is why you should act on the saying: better safe than sorry. As with practically all joint problems, you can effectively prevent inappropriate mechanical stress and wear, such as of the meniscus, with the right exercise and regular stretches. Wearing our Sports Compression Knee Support while running will also help you prevent injuries.

Two runners with knee bands run at a beach next to a lake at dusk

By exerting moderate compression, the knee sleeve promotes the knee joint’s proprioception and blood flow in the surrounding muscles. That will help you to perceive your knee’s movements more effectively, improve your running performance and minimise your risk of injury at the same time. The key feature: in areas that are sensitive to pressure, such as the patella and the back of the knee, comfort zones with reduced compression have been integrated into the knitted fabric. Thanks to the combination of performance boost and maximum comfort, the Compression Knee Support is the perfect accessory for long and intense sessions and demanding routes.

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