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Skiing gymnastics exercises & your Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg

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Strain measuring about 2.5 times a person’s own body weight

Strain measuring about 2.5 times a person’s own body weight – professional skiers subject themselves to such extreme forces during world cup races. The forces that are applied are huge and, on average, correspond to an additional weight of about 130 kg, for the entire duration of the downhill run. Just imagine carrying your heaviest friend on your shoulders as you go down the hill – and remember: really bend your knees. You can almost feel your thigh muscles burning just thinking about it.

Luckily, the strain isn’t quite so extreme for hobby skiers. But you probably still know the feeling of burning thigh muscles. High speeds and centrifugal forces challenge your physical fitness. Good preparation for the season is a prerequisite for enjoying yourself on the slopes and preventing injuries. Skiing gymnastics exercises for the thigh and torso muscles are great for this. Find out more about skiing preparation, and why thigh muscle training with the Upper Leg Sleeves is helpful.

The consequence of bad preparation: sore thigh muscles

If muscles are subjected to more strain than usual, soreness can be the result. Erratic strain during skiing often leads to sore thigh muscles if the skier didn’t prepare properly beforehand. Pain in the thighs often occurs a day after the event because of small tears in the muscles.

Skiing & strain: what to do in the case of sore thigh muscles?

In the case of acute soreness, warming the affected muscles and gentle massage often help. This stimulates blood circulation and speeds up the healing process. Proper preparation and prevention of sore muscles, however, is even better. A valuable product and your must-have for combating sore thigh muscles, the Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Sleeves provide:

  • prevention of sore muscles
  • acceleration of regeneration
  • increase of your performance

Skiing gymnastics exercises: preparing for skiing with strength training

Skiing is an activity that puts a lot of strain on your muscles. Train the muscles in your legs and torso with the following basic exercises. Stamina, mobility, and coordination training are also important. Building on this, you should improve your fitness in the weeks before the season starts with skiing gymnastics exercises. The following five power exercises will make you fit, and they are also suitable as a warm-up before skiing.

Tip: Wear the Sports Upper Leg Sleeves even during training and benefit from their advantages.

1. Squats: two sets of 15 repetitions

Ensure your feet are shoulder width apart, with the toes pointing slightly outward. Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor, ensuring a straight back. Your knees must not extend beyond the toes. For balance, you can stretch your arms forward.
Tip: Instead of squats, go into the downhill position and remain there for about 30 seconds. This exercise is particularly effective for the thigh muscles.

2. Standing scales: 15 repetitions for each side

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Your entire body weight rests on one of your legs. Stretch the other leg back, pushing the torso into the standing scales position until your upper body forms a straight line. Hold this position for a few seconds.
Tip: for well-trained skiers: at the beginning of the exercise, jump onto a raised surface, a small box, for example, with your supporting leg.

3. Side plank: hold for 60 seconds on each side

You are in a lateral position on the floor, supported on your forearm. The knees should not be bent if possible. Your feet will provide the required stability. Beginners can rest their knees on the floor, instead of their feet. Now raise your torso until the shoulder, pelvis, and knees form a line. Hold this position. Then repeat the exercise for the other side.
Tip: for well-trained athletes: lift the upper leg and hold this position for 30 seconds.

4. Mountain-climber: two sets of 30 seconds

This exercise starts in the push-up position. Support yourself on your hands. Knees, pelvis, and shoulders form a line. Now alternately pull your right and left knee diagonally toward the opposite elbow. Keep your body in tension during the entire exercise.
Tip: the easier option is having the hands wider apart, bending the elbows deeper.

5. Swimmer: two sets of 30 seconds

The starting position is lying flat on your stomach with outstretched arms and legs, looking down. Now lift and lower your arms and legs, without them touching the floor. When you raise your left arm, you also raise your right leg, and vice versa.
Tip for pros: hold the position for 45 seconds or longer.

Better training & skiing with Sports Upper Leg Sleeves

The compressive effect of the Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg stimulates the blood flow, thus improving the oxygen supply to your muscles.

You will benefit through:

  • increased muscle performance,
  • better regeneration,
  • quicker warm-up,
  • better protection against injuries.

Our innovative technologies will improve your performance! The highly elastic knitted fabric ensures regulated compression, and the breathable high-tech microfiber feels good on the skin. A perfect fit is guaranteed with the wide edging which is equipped with a silicone dotted band. The compression effect leads to sustained simulation of your circulation, and improves oxygen transport through the body.

What does that mean for you?
You can extend your training and regenerate more quickly, delaying muscle fatigue and having more energy reserves available.

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