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Runner's Knee

Runner's Knee - How a Support can help

To get you back on your running track

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You gave it your all – and now the diagnosis is runner’s knee (ITBS for short). But you don’t want this to stop you. Instead, you want to get rid of your pain quickly and return to running. This is exactly what the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support will help you with.

The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support surrounds your kneecap with an anatomically contoured pad. This functional element absorbs pressure peaks and massages your connective tissue during movement. In addition, two pressure points and wings on the sides provide targeted stimuli. The result: your stabilising muscles are controlled more effectively and joint coordination is improved.

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"The Sports Knee Support reduces pain from ITBS through stabilising the knee joints, and the integrated pad reduces inflammation in the lateral parts of the iliotibial tract."

Orthopaedist and Sports Physician Dr Christian Teusch

Our technologies behind the knee support

3D Airknit Technology

3D Airknit Technology
Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up

Grip Technology
Integrated, skin-friendly silicone band on the upper edging for secure fit and precision with every movement

Omega Pad Technology

Omega Pad
Precise embedding and guiding of your kneecap through an integrated, innovative elasticated pad ensuring optimal distribution of power through the knee joint

ITBS: what is the best knee support for runner’s knee?

Your knee needs additional stability and relief to allow you to return to running to a moderate degree. When considering a knee support for runner’s knee, it is important that it doesn’t just provide stability – after all, you don’t only need it for additional stabilisation during everyday activities but also, and most importantly, for your exercise. That means it has to be breathable and comfortable to wear, follow your movements and prevent excessive strain and injuries. You can have all that with our Sports Knee Support. It provides you with:

  • an anatomical 3D fit that has been specifically developed for use in athletes,
  • complete freedom of movement,
  • regulated compression, thanks to its highly elastic knit which improves movement control during running,
  • a positive influence on sensorimotor function,
  • an extremely lightweight, breathable compression knit that prevents the build-up of moisture caused by sweat.
Two runners with knee bands run at a beach next to a lake at dusk

Even when your problems caused by runner’s knee have gone and you are back training fully, the Sports Knee Support can continue to back you up. It helps you to prevent excessive strain and injuries and, on top of that, to get more out of your training. The material is particularly durable and robust and is therefore equipped to join you even on the wildest trails. This means the Sports Knee Support will be your perfect companion beyond your ITBS, and you will enjoy running with it for a long time.

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