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Sports compression socks

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Support stockings or sports compression socks: these two terms are often used interchangeably in common parlance. But there is a difference. Anyone can wear a support stocking to treat aching legs, whereas a sports compression sock can only be used to improve athletic performance or to recover more quickly after exertion.
Sports compression stockings are designed to meet the specific needs of athletes. Both support stockings and sports compression socks promote blood circulation in the legs. It has been medically proven that the tension in the calves stimulates blood circulation. The main difference is that support stockings are intended to treat problems, whereas sports compression socks are primarily intended for prevention.

Support stockings have a healing effect

Compression stockings are useful for all kinds of problems such as varicose veins, thrombosis, lymphoedema, phlebitis or after certain surgical procedures. These compression stockings therefore have a medical or therapeutic effect. They are not intended to prevent a symptom, but to eliminate it. Support stockings are generally thicker than sports compression stockings and are manufactured in a different way. They are therefore also more expensive than sports compression stockings. In certain cases, they are also reimbursed by health insurance companies.

Sports Compression Socks - during and after sport

Sports compression socks help to prevent tired and aching muscles and to recover more quickly after physical exertion, for example after intensive ball games or a marathon run. If you think of kitschy compression socks, you are thinking wrong: sports compression socks today are just as fashionable and comfortable as a normal sports sock.
The compression varies from brand to brand. So the socks come in different sizes, designs and colours. Only high-quality sports compression socks have graduated compression. This means that the compression is strongest around the ankle and gradually decreases towards the knee, so that a driving and stimulating effect is achieved.

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